Trying to call Classic Industries by landline



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Aug 19, 2014
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las vegas
I've been trying to call Classic Industries on their 800 number a few times last week got waiting times of over 20 minutes anybody else having this is the shipping still good through the website?
patience, grasshopper...

What I like is when the recording thanks me for my patience... They're makin' a hell of an assumption...
I am looking to order a quarter patch panel from them for Vixen, so I'm curious if you ever get through. I may try calling, too.
Had order major troubles twice with them now. I won't use them again.
You guys are lucky. People have been trying to get hold of a representative from DC Retirement Board for months! One guy was trying to update his new bank account for direct deposit; took him 8 months!!
...and FWIW, I got right through first time when I called about the quarter patch panel.