Tunnel ram or no tunnel ram...

I have tuned mine to no issues at the strip or on the street and that is with running two 1050 Dominators on the street as well. Well, except for fuel mileage..... However, for what it is, it's surprising not that bad.
The combo of AFR gauges, spark plug reading, and time slips will get you tuned in with dual quads, OR a single. Just have to be willing to make systematic, incremental changes, test, and test again. For me, that's the fun part.
470” low deck
6.700 chevy rods
Molnar 3.91” stroke crank
10.6:1 -12cc step dish piston
Solid roller 254 @ .050
Trick flow 240 heads
Twin 750’s built by bigs
Runs 9.80’s on pump gas driving to the track.
Love your car Dude! If I wasn't trying to stay with the Sleeper motif on this car, I'd be building something like you have!!! Nice. :thumbsup: