two wires off my blower motor


Neal Zimmerman

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Jul 24, 2016
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Springfield Oregon
Cant find where the black and green wire off my 68 barracudas blower motor go to. One appears to be a ground ( eyelet on end) and the other is a spade type connector. Please dont tell me it's in the service manual. It's not.
thanky, Neal
Eylet goes under mounting screw for blower, if i recall other one connects through a grommet of sorts. Found in hole in firewall.
I just did this job, so it's fresh in my mind. The ground goes where Tooljunkie said; on one of the four blower motor mounting studs. The spade attaches to the resistor that is mounted to the heater box.
Well the 68 diagrams do leave some doubt!

But in general there is brown with eyelet that gets grounded and the other plugs to the blower resistor.
Have a look at this pic. The eyelet you're seeing is supposed to be grounded to that screw holding down the plate between the heater core inlet and outlet tubes. The other end of that spiced ground goes to the blower mounting stud. The spade connector would connect to the resistor that would be mounted where that hole is in the heater box.

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My 65 is new to me,a pile of parts so i really havent had a look. Been 20 years since i was under dash of a dart.
Yes the brown's grounds at the heater pipes then over to behind the right kick panel to the cowl support! Maybe That is a later model box.
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There is no ground at the resistor only fiberglass.
My 69 has a lug on the clamp To the pipes. Just ground that brown anyway and you will be fine!
Another length of ground wire was routed from between heater core tubes to a eyelet terminal and sheet metal screw behind right kick panel. We speculated as to why this wire was anchored and grounded between the heater core tubes in a past thread. Doesn't matter why really, just put it there.
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If the heater core was / is aluminum it may reduce the effects of electrolysis. My theory and im stickin to it....