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    Dec 8, 2005
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    I'm about to embark upon replacing a vinyl top on a 1966 Barracuda. When I got the car there was (and still is) no sign of the original black vinyl top. What I DID find was some remaining fragments of what appears to be a strip of cloth-type gasket stuff (about 1/4" wide) that went across the top starting near the end of each rain gutter. It appears to have gone under a thin metal strip with about a dozen holes in it & then topped by a decorative chrome strip. There's a similar piece of material (a little wider?) that also goes under the chrome rain gutter trim.
    What has anyone used to duplicate this material?
    Some kind of silicone goo might do the trick, but if only for once, I'd like to do it right. :thumbsup:
    Here's a picture of the type of top I'm going to be installing - sadly, it isn't mine.

    1966 Barracuda vinyltop close-up.jpg
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