What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

that green POPS!!!

I am obviously in the pop corner!
Should've warned ya about the douche bag effect though. Impactful colors seem to draw out the worst in folks with a propensity for bad behavior on the road. Maybe it's just me.

well here's to hoping that your first rock chip is years away! I know that you drive yours too. cheers
Really excited this morning. The car is on the trailer headed to the alignment shop!!!

Wheels are nice and straight , ride height looks good , almost time for the test drive!!! Next time you see this car on a trailer IT'S STOLEN CALL THE POLICE!!!


Completed some basic items and made some corrections....

Air cleaner and alternator bracket corrected.

Thanks for the feedback gents. Fuel filter and alternator belt are coming next.


New rockers @ #1 + new Pushrods all around.

Some Moly for break-in on each end of the new Melling Rockers. Fresh VR-1 to lube some more. Hope it will be this simple for another 7 years of use! Replaced that odd longer rocker shaft "Short Bolt" with a correct length Grade 8.

Pop the Cover back on in the morning and see what happens!

Never considered how hard it is to tear apart a 7 year old resto and not mess things up! Some spot Street Hemi Orange may still be needed!




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Not an A body, or even a Mopar, but I'm working on a bed rack for the Tacoma. I decided to try my hand at using body filler in order to get some practice before working on the Barracuda. There's definitely a learning curve and it takes some patience, so I'm glad I took my first shot on the bed rack.

Also took the opportunity to get some trigger time using the paint gun, working on putting down some nice, even coats of epoxy primer and then enamel. Two more coats of enamel today, then I'll start installing the t-track!

I'm eager to be done with this so that I can have room in the garage again, and move on to more important things....like old cars.
All Buttoned up and no more noise! Nice spirited ride followed! Dodged the big bullet I did! 292/509 lives!