Why Carb and non OD a Gen 3?


For what it's worth, with the double OD wide ratio T56 Magnum, 3.73 gears and 26.7" diameter tires, I calculate 1528@65 mph. If I end up running a square 275/35R18 setup instead, I will probably drop down to 3.55 gears which works out to 1516@65. Both are around 1750@75.

I would worry that this will lug the motor, but my 2015 R/T cruised at 1485@65, so not worried at all.

I was daydreaming about one of those just today. It would be a tough call for me to have to pick between most any E-Body and a 71-72 B-Body.

I'd have to go back and watch it again, but I think the Reignited guy put the same cam in his 6.4 swapped C10.

I know I am limiting myself, but really want to keep the VVT and the 6.4 cam in a 5.7 is supposed to be a really nice combo. And seeing my cruise RPM's, just seems like the best bet to keep it. I understand though and really expect that once I have the car driving for awhile I will want more. But at that point I can either swap in a 6.4, or bolt on an HC blower.
My G8 had a 2.92 rear end and a 6l80 od trans. At 70 mph it cruised at 1750 so that's right on the money. I wouldn't worry about lugging the engine at that rpm even if you're going faster.