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  1. va58
    I thought with the many questions I see on this forum about codes I would submit thirty years of info that I have scribbled down in a few books, junkyard research, Old magazines, etc. I kept during restorations over the years. This list is huge and covers codes from 1969 to around 1983. I will add to this list as time permits and if anybody notices any codes that may or are incorrect please feel free to challenge. a lot of this is hand written and is subject to mistakes. If this lists help one person it will be worth the time to input this data. I realized most of this info is available with on line decoders, but a list might be helpful to some. Next post will be "F" codes.
    If this info is unneeded and the collective thinks this is unnecessary, please let me know. It will save a lot of two finger This list is by no means complete, but cover the most common codes, and a few obscure.

    E08 Special order engine
    E11 170 1 bbl /6
    E20 225 /6 for export only
    E22 198 1 bbl /6
    E24 1 bbl /6
    E25 225 1 bbl /6
    E26 225 2 bbl /6
    E31 273 2 bbl 8 cyl. 1968/69
    E44 318 2 bbl. 8 cyl.
    E45 318 2 bbl.
    E55 340 4 bbl ( 1969-73)
    340 6 bbl. with A53 package (1970)
    E56 6 bbl
    E57 360 2 bbl
    E 58 360 4 bbl HP/ police
    E61 382 2 bbl.
    E63 383 4 bbl.
    E 64 400 4 bbl.
    E 65 4 bbl. Road Runner/ Super Bee
    E 68 400 4 bbl. HP
    E 74 426 Hemi
    E 85 440 4 bbl.
    E 86 440 4 bbl. HP
    E 87 440 6 bbl. HP.

    Found my "A" codes list so I will go back to the beginning.
    A01 Light package
    A09 Concealed headlights (1971)
    A11 Charger Daytona/500
    A12 440 six barrel engine 1969 only
    A13 Superbird Pkg.
    A14 Plymouth spring package w/o vinyl roof 1969
    A15 The same with vinyl top
    A16 Fury spring special 1969
    A21 RR or R/T pkg. and also use for Elastomeric front bumper Pkg.
    A22 Elastomeric front and rear. Sport trim package on 70 Duster.
    A23 Custom sport trim group a body.
    A24 trunk carpet
    A25 Interior Convenience group
    A28 California noise reduction package.
    A31 391 axle package
    A32 410 axle package
    a33 354 axle package Track pac
    A34 410 axle package super track pac
    A36 355 axle package
    A39 Dodge spring package Abody 1969
    A41 White hat special with vinyl top 1969
    A43 kit car package
    A47 Special edition package
    A48 Dress up package/ ft/r bumper guards
    A51 Barracuda sport package
    A52 Sport fury GT package
    A 53 Two tone F body, Formula S package 69 only also Trans am E-body 1970
    A54 Colored bumper package 1970/71
    A55 Custom trim package
    A56 Cuda 340 package
    A57 Cuda 383 package both 1969 only.
    A59 Demon Sizzler package. Also kit car decor package.
    A61 Swinger Sp. Pkg. 1971
    A62 Rallye Instrument package.
    A63 Challenger SE molding package. F body custom Package. Hang ten Dart.
    A64 Gold Duster Pkg. 1972
    A65 Dart GT package
    A78 Formula S package
    A86 Barracuda decor group interior decor group F body custom exterior pkg.
    A87 RR decor group
    A88 Duster 340 interior decor group
    A91 Western sport special 1970 only
    A94 Gold Duster special pkg

    "B" Codes
    B02 9x2.5 front drums 1972
    B05 10x.2.5 front drums 1972
    B06 Skid control abs
    B11 Heavy duty drum brakes e bodies.
    B12 HD frt disc brakes
    B22 9x2 rear drum brakes
    B25 10x2.5 rear drum brakes
    B28 11x2.5 rear drum brakes
    B31 11 heavy duty manual brakes
    B41 front disc brakes some years power
    B42 front HD disc brakes some are years power
    B43 manual brakes
    B51 power asst. disc brakes

    "C" Codes
    C 02 Station wagon cargo compartment carpeting.
    C 07 Litter container.
    C 12 Shoulder belts
    C 13 front shoulder belts
    C 14 rear shoulder belts.
    C 15 Deluxe seat belt group.
    C 16 Console with bucket seats.
    C 20 Delete console.
    C 21 center seat fold down armrest.
    C 22 Rear armrest without ashtray.
    C 23 Rear with tray.
    C 26 Overhead roof consolette
    C 28 Right head restraint [69 only]
    C 31 Head restraint package [69 only]
    C 32 Head restraint delete.
    C 52 Bench seats
    C 62 Left hand six way seat manual adjust.
    C 73 fold down rear seat.
    C 96 Spare tire cover
    C 97 Trunk dress up package.

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