How to ID a Small Block Oil Pan 60's - 80's

  1. krazykuda
    Some people have been asking how to identify a small block oil pan. Here is how to tell the differences in the pans from 273-318-340-360.

    Basically the 273-318-340 are interchangeable and there were two basic "series" of them.

    Also the oil pans for the trucks are different than the oil pans for the cars because the "hump" in the pan is in different locations. For the truck pans the "hump" is on the end, and for cars it is more toward the center. You cannot use a truck pan on a car as the hump will interfere with the crossmember:

    Here is the truck pan with the "hump" on the end.

    SB Truck pan B.jpg

    Here is the car pan with the "hump" in the middle:

    68 SB Pan A02 B.jpg

    Here is a pan from a 68 318 that is basically what came from 64 - 69 (I think 69 was the last year). It is easy to identify as it has 6 holes for the "nubs/nipples/tits/etc" on the end seal gasket. This will fit any 273-318-340, but you have to make sure that your gasket kit comes with the proper end gasket for the early pan with all of the nubs:

    Here's a full view of the pan:

    68 SB Pan A03 B.jpg

    Here's a close up of one end showing the 6 holes for the nubs on the gasket to go through:

    68 SB Pan A05 B2.jpg

    Here is the 70 and later style 318-340 oil pan. It only has two holes for "nubs/nipples/tits/etc" on the ends only. One hole is bigger than the other so you have to pay attention to get the small nub in the small hole and the larger nub in the larger hole. This will fit any 273-318-340:

    Here's the later 70 and later style pan with the "newer" end gaskets. Both ends of the pan take the same end gasket:

    70 SB Pan A01 B.jpg

    Here's a close up of the end gasket area of the pan:

    70 SB Pan A02 B.jpg

    Here is a close up of the opposite end that also takes the same gasket:

    70 SB Pan A03 B.jpg

    Here is the 360 pan. It has two different end gaskets on each end. One end/gasket is the same as the 70 and later pan as shown above, and the opposite end takes the unique gasket for the 360. You must have the end that is unique to the 360 with the "ribs" around the radius for the seal. If you see these ribs on one end of an oil pan, this should tell you that it is a 360 pan."

    Here's a full view of a 360 pan that takes different gaskets for each end. One of thegaskets is the same as the 273-318-340 pan as shown earlier, the other end takes the gasket that is unique to the 360 only. There is a rib on the pan on the end where this gasket goes. If you see this rib, it is a dead give away that it is a 360 pan. This end is also a smaller diameter than the other end that is the same as the 70 and later 318-340 pan:

    360 Pan A02 B.jpg

    Here's the end of the 360 pan that takes the same gasket as the 70 and later 318-340:

    360 Pan A03 B.jpg

    Here's the unique end for the 360. Notice the rib around the radius where the end seal goes for the rear main. If you see this end with the rib around the radius, then it is a 360 pan:

    360 Pan A04 B2.jpg

    Now you know how to identify a small block oil pan. You don't have to rely on someone telling you what pan you are looking at in a swap meet, as you can tell for yourself so you know you are buying what you want/need. Study hard as there is a quiz next Friday...

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