This unit is a TCI 4 bolt unit. Since no instructions are provided with this. It really was simple. And for $75 a worth while upgrade.


Block of wood
3/16 allen head socket
thin blade screwdriver
dead blow hammer
3/8 ratchet and extention.

First assuming you have your old sprag removed. Take a moment to clean up the area.

This sprag here comes from Summit and is TCI brand. For mild street use I felt the 4 bolt was plenty.

First inspect new parts. Make sure all the parts are there. Check the spring fingers that also comes with the kit. Make sure none are bent or out of position.

In the photo you will see I marked the holes that will be used for this style of bolt in sprag. No drilling or tapping is needed. Another reason I chose this style for my build.

Next do yourself a favor and go to the hardware store and get the same size bolts that are in the kit 1/4 28 in a 2 inch. The screws supplied don't work to well for aligning the sprag. Don't just try hammering it home the screw holes on the sprag will have to match those on the case. Try to work these evenly. I found with the case resting with the bell housing down works to keep things even and keep the spring retainer where it needs to be. Since you need to locate the bolt holes exactly. I found it best to use the longer bolts and start each one. Turning them a little at a time to help not only locate the holes but bring the sprag down into the seat. Keep working them around as evenly as you can. Once you have the sprag down tight. Remove the bolts and install the rear support. Return to the supplied bolts provided by TCI and tighten each one down. When finished check to make sure it is evenly flush with the case. When I was done I went around and tapped the sprag to be sure it was sitting flush with the case. I did notice it does stick up just a bit out of the seat. But it was flush with the bottom.

Kit also includes new springs and rollers. Once you are sure you have the sprag where it needs to be install the inner race, and your spring and roller package.