67 gt

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  • Hi there,

    Nice '67 GT. I just bought a '67 GT from CA and it will be here for Feb 2016. I'm in Canberra. I would be keen to chat about mods that you have made.

    Cheers, Andy

    0404 295 571
    Love the pic of your car by the old building and the graffiti......coolest picture I have seen in a long time here on FABO.......so dang cool and with your car in it makes it even better....Thanks for posting it!
    Hey, I saw that you were after the 67 GT tail panel. So you have a 67 GT and you are in Melbourne? I'm in Melbourne too, just bought a 67 Dart GT that was on ebay last week. Flick me a message, we might be able to catch up sometime. Cheers Phil
    Hi mate,
    Have you got email for me to send you a couple of pics?
    You are in Melbourne?
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