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  • what gas tank did you use on the demon? i was trying to look for pics on your build but its been so long all the photobucket pics dont show up
    I have a 71 demon.
    I was wondering if you might
    be interested in making a set of dollies
    so it can be rolled around while being
    blasted and painted ?

    My e-mail is dadorni@Hotmail.com
    if interested.
    Hi Ross!

    Man, we missed you buddy!

    Can you contact your Dad and have him send Joe & Lynn Pappas his email address?

    They are trying to remember the 20 or so people they spent the weekend with (a lot to remember!).

    Have him also give him his buddy's info (bronze Barracuda) and reference it by car (ex. orange Hoover motored Dart)

    Please send to Joe at: pappas9@comcast.net

    Thanks. Be safe.

    I am in the process of installing a XV lower radiator support on my Duster. Your set up looks great and is nice and clean. Where did you get the radiator and cooling fan setup from and do you remember the model? Thanks,
    I have a couple of questions about your car.
    I am building a 71 Demon and I want to relocate
    the wiper motor.
    Any info. or pics on how to do it?
    Also I am getting ready to send my car to
    get media blasted and wanted to know if
    I could rent or purchase the roll around dolly
    wheel set-up you used on your car?
    Both front and back.
    Your car looks amazing.
    Take care,
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