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  • Hi Andy can you give me an idea what EFI system i should go with for my 470 stroker Dart ,10:1 comp solid roller motor , Trick flow 240, Edel RPM intake. 3.55 gear, dynamic 4200 stall ,TTi headers,do you know anybody that sells an entire kit with gas tank ,Thanks for any help
    I have some of your parts and your book, also have read many of your articles and posts over the years. Thanks for all the great content. Would you have time to make a couple of camshaft recommendations if I send you the configurations and target performance of the big blocks going into my brother's and my race cars?

    Thanks, Steve
    Hi Andy, I just saw your post on your front brakes with 911 calipers. I was wondering if you would be up to sharing some info? If so could you please contact me.

    I've got a 400 bb getting stroked to 451 for my 70 dart. i'd love to pick your brain about everything necessary to do the swap. I've already got a transmission and rear end, i'm just curious what other stuff i can be expecting to buy. Also live in Oregon so if you've got any parts i may be interested. Thanks!
    Hi Andy.
    I've been reading your articles about the TF270 heads.
    I'm looking at buy a set but may have some issues with to much plenum volume and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this issue with you.
    Thank you
    Hey Andy I'm interested in those shock plates if you still have some. How much shipped to 46077?
    andy,I posted a few pics on an old thread bough the 240 heads and a trickflow valley pan,did a trial fit and the gap between them looks big,what do you think?
    Hello, I saw that you seem very knowledgeable in the trickflow head area. I just ordered a set of 240s and I had a couple of questions.
    There's a bunch of smart ***'s on here.I just want to thank you for all the free info you share!maybe a rock will hit some in the head isnstead of their pump....lol
    Hi Andy
    I bought your tall throttle bracket for B engines AR036 and it works fine with my RPM intake. Will it work ok with a torker as well or do I need to go back to the stock throttle bracket. BTW can I ask you an opinion as well please. I would be ok to pay a consulting fee if you so wish. My tel# is 514-237-7034 my name is Tony
    I just got a nice set of Trick flows and I would like to ask a few questions
    Hey I'm curious if you could make me a caliper bracket to fit a cobra caliper have no issue paying
    Hi Andy i Purchased your billet timing chain cover from Mancini racing , Mancini roller button kit,and a summit cloyes 3 bolt double roller timing chain set with torrington bearings,My machine shop called and said the cover will not fit ,I bought a different cam button from mancini to see if this would help it did not would it be possible to call him his name is Bill B&B Machine shop 954-781-5403 I
    hey andy just wondering if you still make the light weight a body brackets that used wilwood calipers and if so where can i get them, thanks
    Hi andy, I am looking to put viper calipers on my 73 dart which has discs already.
    I tried to go arengineering.com (assume thats your site) and it states the page account is suspended.
    Are you still in business?
    hi andy im looking to put the mustang bullit wheels on my duster. i was looking through the forums and you said your brake kit was made for the 17x8 wheels. i was wondering if you ever made the kit for the 17x9s?
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