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  • PM me and I'll give you all the info that you need.
    Sorry for the delayed response, but better late than never. Been very busy.

    i am building a 69 barracuda for strip/street i need advice. 400 block 512 stroker kit,
    410dana with posi, pro street 727 manual, want to run 10.5 at track and still be streetable, i forgot tunnel ram with 2-600 holleys, any recomendation or changes?
    what cam? i am thinking on a roller hydrolic. any info will be appriciated garymopar
    Bobby -

    You may not remember me. I am up by Knoxville and we had discussed you working on our 360 engine for a 1973 Daoge Dart Sport when I got ready. You had sent me some parts to start shopping for during the time between then and when we can get you to do our work.

    I was curious if you recall our conversation and if so, do you happen to still have that list that you could send me again? We had a virus on our computer and it wiped out all my e-mails from you.

    I am the guy that thought about putting a Lunatai cam in my engine and I believe you sent back something about a Comp Cam (284????) and some other parts.

    Thanks for any help that you can give,
    Chuck Guyett

    Knoxville, TN
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