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  • My email got hacked last weekend so don't open anything from me with an attachment on your email account
    Happy Holidays to you and yours Brian , I'm still looking for a good roller notch to drop that 410 in so I can send you the numbers 318 from my fastback to stroke lol .
    I was getting ready to order INDY 415 when I saw your conversation from an old thread and it caught my attention, I am looking for a 500-550hp small block for my 72 dart, it will be a weekend driver (local shows,cruising etc) please contact me if you are interested,
    Thank You,
    Dave. (East-coaster,
    Thank you Chris!! Nice to see you enjoying yourself. Yes they are very durable and should last you a long time. Our very first stroker has been freshened once and it had 55000 miles on it. Only thing was some slight wear in the cyl. walls (.002), mostly on the thrust side. We just ringed and bearing'd it and sent it on it's way.
    hey Brian just made the 5000km run to moparfest again motor runs strong no smoke the only fluid use is the tiny bit it pushes through the breathers with no PCV system , small price to pay , the valvas are tight still and even tho it sounds a bit like a sewing machine I blame the garbage gas it had to burn in some places along the way and some sort of exhaust leak I can't find ,she'll get a couple of tanks of the good 94 through her this weekend and I'm sure she'll quiet right down great build Brian who says strokers aren't durable
    If it is easier brian, I can give you a call. Or I can email you. I am asorry about changing my mind so much.
    Hello again. Bought the lifters from hughes. But when i ordered i forgot to order new valve steam seals, so have you got any seals? Thought it was easier to order from you. The valves are 3/8 and the guides are 0,530. The ones i got now is compcams 505-16. But any brand will work.
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