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  • Charlie I am putting a 318 in my 67 barracuda and I’m looking for a adapter bushing for the torque converter for the 904 that was behind the original 273. Please let me know if you still have them.
    Hello Charrlie , my # is 516 662 7327, call me tomorrow or send your # and I will call you tomorrow. Or text me.
    Hello Charrlie, I'm looking to obtain the converter bushing also. I'm putting a 69 slant onto a 64 904. Are there any available?
    Hello Charrlie. Do you ship to Canada? I need a adaptor bushing, crankshaft - torque converter. To adapt a 1975,slant 6, 225 onto a 1965, 904. send price with shipping quote, please. Thank you , Lyle Zimm.
    Good morning, like everyone else I need 2 crank to converter bushings for late engine to early 904 if available. send me a price with shipping to zip 91786, Thanks Ed.
    Hello, I also need the bushing to go from an early 904 to a late model 318. Do you have any?
    Need help and info my lancer has a 170 in what kind of H P can I get and drive it around, make it last
    Good evening, i'm a new member, and I saw a post of yours that would help me. I am putting a 72 225 in front of a 63 904 and I need the bushing for the crank to converter, do you still have this available ? Thank you.
    Putting a '68 /6 in my '65 dart with original 904 tranny and converter. If you still have those adapters would like to buy one from ya. Let me know, Thanks. Gary .
    Hi Charrlie_S,
    I'm a new member here on the forum and I was told you'd be the guy to talk to.

    I've got a '65 Dart and I'm replacing the original '65 225 with a 1970. I'd like to use the original transmission and BillGrissom told me you make/sell the adapter rings for the crank register...

    If so, I'd sure like to get one from you.

    Melinda (Dartis)
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