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  • I see your in Alberta and looks like you have a lot of old cars I am also looking for a spare rim and tire small bolt pattern rim and tire size 6.95-14 so it will fit in my trunk I work in alberta paving from may until november
    You wouldn't have an extra 70 or 71 Swinger roller, would you? :D
    No, I don't.
    I do have a '71 Scamp that is kinda rough body wise (quarters esp.) if you are interested.
    Travel across the borders is a no go for now, so I bet that it wouldn't be worth it right now, maybe in the future.........
    How about you p.m. me and we can exchange some more info?
    just came across this old posting about 1971 dodge demon vin 110024. i bought from a good friend in cranbrook. im trying to see if the original 340 is still around. if you have any info can you call me at 250-309-4698. thanks mike
    When would be a good time to call you, Mike?
    Thanks, Tom.
    Check out the pics I posted.
    I have, thank you.
    Looks like a good project car to me!
    Have fun!
    I saw your conversation with Jim H. I'm looking for some nice qtrs ,trunk extensions and fenders for an original 69 FormulaS car. Can you help?
    Sorry for the late response, i just noticed it.
    I can't help you out at this time unfortunately.
    If i decide to part the car, i'll let you know.
    Thanks for the message!
    Hey there.Just got back on here after a LOOOOOONG time away.
    I have some things for sale..so may be posting them on here shortly.
    Hwey thanks for looking for me the barracuda parts. thought Id let you know I have a pr of 72 swingers for sale.
    Hey Dog,
    I am on to a 71 Swinger original 340 4 speed car.
    The current owner wants to keep the engine.....
    Thinking about a 5.7 hemi conversion.
    Any thoughts on that?
    hoping you can answer a ? for me...sorry if it seems stupid.i have a 71 dart tha t i'm putting a new sterring wheel on.i ordered a grant gt764 14 in.do you or anybody that you know have this wheel and do think its to small.i picked your name out because of the name.if you could help me I would appreciate it.THANK YOU
    I have bought a 1970 dart swinger ,looing for parts ,any help would be very welcome,thanks timmy.1953
    looking for the upper trim piece for a shark tooth grill for a duster anybody know were i can find one???
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