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  • I’ve searched FABO in hopes of finding the answer, I’m sure its in here somewhere, so I apologize if it’s a repeated subject. But I see you’re running a 275/35/18 on your swinger. I’m in the process of buying wheels and tires and love the stance of your car. Are you still running stock location leaf springs? Or any other modifications for fitment? I have a B Body 8 3/4 with everything else in stock location.
    Hello, I have a '71 Dart and have been reading about the Borgeson steering box. I have a 318 with TTI headers. Will this fit my car without any mods? Do you have any contact information outside this website?
    I’m interested in spc control arms , I have a 71 Swinger but running the large ball joint spindles, I know I need 73 style, what can you tell me about them? I’m building a pro touring Dart four link set up
    Hi Rob. I found the drop spindles to raise the roll center when set at the ride height I wanted. It created a wheel fitment issue too.
    Afternoon Pete

    I'm looking for drop spindle for my Duster and was looking for feedback from member that have or tried it. From my post, abodyjoe wrote "pretty sure pete @GMachineDartGT tried the drop spindles and didn't like them and returned to stock ones.." So If you install some and remove them could you tell me what you didn't like about it. Any feed back would be appreciated, have a great day.

    Looking to get some good headers..think the tti w2 is the one I need for my car..and herd from few members that you are the man to talk to
    What kind of w2 heads? What size exhaust will be using?
    Originalowner73 340duster
    Originalowner73 340duster
    Guess I'm not aware of what I need..I'm not sure what heads I have.think stock.looking for a set of headers that will fit and won't be so low to the ground..pair that's on are bit crushed on driver side..also looking into making better handling.other suspension ..rear end..doing as I go
    I do own Bergman Auto Craft where we build pro touring style cars and sell steering and suspension parts. You can check out my site and call me at 631.423.1517 if you would like me to create a suspension brake and tire/wheel pkg.
    Ah okay. I saw you were engineering that pro touring spoiler and and had questions anout the stage II 3 link system. I want to start pro touring and road racing and want everything top notch. I also want the widesf wheels possible in rear.
    Thank you for the compliments. The current spoiler is a 68 Camaro piece. However, I am in the process of templating a new proper fitting spoiler for sale on my site - Let me know if I can help.

    g machine where did u get the chin spiooler at ?your car is absolutely beautiful the look and stance is what im lookin for on mine if i ever get it finished
    I am interested, what is your best price with shipping to zip 87124?

    What else will I need to complete the swap?
    Did i read this right are you running 2.94 gear s in the rear and if so how does it run on the street? thanks !! Great car
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