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  • Hope bargehead gets this, Appreciate the kind words,just did my job over there,wish I could have done more, would do it again.thanksw buddy.. If you have a friend in ED, you have the best..... Will hang in MEL.
    Hello Ed. I got your feedback. Thanks. I will do the same for you. I take it you got it and all is well............Nice car Too!...Take care Edd
    no problem Ed. Really difficult to see the edge of the slick, i thinkk warwagon has got it sorted
    Yep, that's another '88 Daytona on top of the rear lift. It's intercooled and has the 5-speed also. It's a leather interior car with an air bag (rare). The Lebaron is a '90 with the 2.2 intercooled VNT motor. (rare) 1 of 5 as it sits. They only made 132 verts with that engine. 41 were black and 8 had the factory cd. It's a keeper. In fact they all are.
    I also have the '89 Turbo Caravan...can you say fun!
    Thanks HemiEd!......The Red Daytona is a lot of fun also. Did The Long Hauler on The Power Tour with it in June. It will get your attention.
    Hemi Ed
    Thanks for your reply. I have stock exhaust manifolds on the car for now so the brace should go on easily. I'm a better safe than sorry kind of guy. So if you have an extra brace for the right side I'll buy it from you and pay shipping if you would send the right side brace. that's the only 1 I need. I've got the left side (starter side) installed already.
    This isn't a race car but it will go down the track a few times. I live in Memphis Tenness and they just closed our track (Memphis Motor Sports) this summer. It was a great NHRA track But there are a few outlaw tracks around.
    Thank You
    L. Samuels
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