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  • Hi Jim, still transporting? Greg in La Crosse
    Yes, just got back from a transport to Rhode Island and heading to California next week, what do you need?
    Hey HemiSSDart, your inbox is full. We're you interested in the BB K member before I start to repair the welds?
    Sorry, been on the road to Phoenix, Tampa, and heading back to Chicago tomorrow, will delete some inbox, and yes, I am interested.
    Jim; This is Chuck Wasson in Ohio 513-423-0595 Please call me or email your phone number so I can call you. Number I have is NG. Thanks
    this is Tim in Iowa l need a left front frame rail for my 1969
    Also looking for 68-71 cuda in drag trim
    going to put a xram hemi in a fastbackif you see something Can be dated or incomplete
    Hello HemiSSDart, saw in a post you have A-body parts. Was wondering if you happen to have some 67-69 Cuda Fastback rear seat cams or rear seat bracket assembly for folding seats. Thank you.
    Just checking back to see if you’d received my message regarding an inquiry about some doors. I am certainly not trying to burden you but please let me know at your convenience as to wether or not you’d received a message from me prior to this regarding a set of rust free door for a 67/68 2door hardtop. Please and thank you. Hope to hear back from you soon! (304)210-5782
    Hello, I read on another post that you may have some parts for sale and coming to Ohio next week? Would you happen to have a set of rust free doors for a 67/68 2door hardtop?
    Also, if this message is not in the correct place, please accept my apology as I haven’t quite figured out how to navigate this site just yet. Thanks!
    regarding the 67 barracuda fender...we have a daughter in freeport il. I could probably get her to come pay for it and pick it up. if it is restorable im sure ill want it. again thanks and send the pics over when you can
    as I may ask. as stock manifolds . these r not needed. as a restoration iiii need. 69 has mor flow but 67 ,68 is just a little bit less. I have 3 cars and parts but 1 I have is a 69 . I am a old nut am 65. but I have as said OLD AAR 340 6 stuff sold all my hemi B stuff. I Buy from mancini he buys form me. thanks
    the point I am saying is the first manifold is not a 69 y is shape . where the bend is on yours is in correct, 6768 I have are bent more and in 69 the or mopar dide inlarge the lft side. more flow 383 320 horse . to 335, I have 2 cars. need ur parts am nut but I have any cash.
    Hello, your inbox is full. I would like to start a discussion about some parts I am looking for that I was hoping you may have.
    HemiSSDart, Thanks for your quick response. On the 67, I have removed the lights and have my Year One 69 and even have some used 69 tail lights in hand. Are you sure that it's the 68-69 ones that will fit each other? I'm ready to get the cutoff wheel out. Thanks for your interest. Randy Marcom, Fort Wayne
    I am new to the site and was also looking to buy a transmission crossmember for a v8 1970 duster 727. How would i reach you?
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