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  • heywheres everybody at ive jumped into chat last couple of weekends and theres nobody in there,also do you remember who it was that was wanting the cast 4 brl intake for there pickup trk,thx jim
    Gonna be running late tomorow gotta unload and reload in Chicago in the mornin then heading straight to indy I'm parking my trk at the motel,meeting my wife and buddy there then were all comin in together,see ya then
    Kegan, It was nice meeting you on saturday! Did you manage to find the front slots you were looking for?
    I would like one of the DC spoilers your working on. Pm to let me know the details of how to get one!
    Hello and sorry for being a little late on the topic, but are u still doing the DC wings? I would be very interested and thanks in advance and a late happy new year!
    It doesn't have a "power bulge" hood ???? Hmm thats odd but from the info VIN wise its a true 340 GTS
    Kegan - I have posted an update to my thread on FABO member restorations titled father and son project or something similar. The update includes a picture of the grille assembly which I scored big time on from my old army buddy. The picture show what I received and should also make what I was so poorly trying to describe obvious as well. I would thank you for your efforts to support and let you know how much I enjoy the product of your efforts.

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