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  • Mike, How you doing? I have a question, will the wheels off of the dart fit a 1970 Challenger. thanks
    We were fortunate, the storms bypassed us. I will check with my buddy this weekend on a third member. I'll see him at the races this weekend.
    Thanks, I'm not sure about the stripes, I really like that solid Top Banana look. You missing the storms?
    The llast time I looked, they were bringing between 50.00 to 100.00 each.
    The back ones have been powder coated, plus you have the caps to go with them.
    are you changing tires to?
    Hi Mike, I got some new wheels and have plans of putting the cop wheels that came with the car up for sale, was wondering what a good price would be. Thanks Gary
    Merry Christmas mike i hope you and the famliy are having a good one this year .. thanks for your help bud see ya around
    Hello Mike, Daniel here, Ken's son. Question, have you been able to get a hold of your cousin who you said had a lot of barracudas? I was wondering if he had a 68 driver's side fender for sale
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