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  • Hellooo , can anyone tell me if Rally wheels were an option on a 1969 Swinger 340.

    Hi , not sure how these forums work . Do I ask a question and it goes out to everyone or just to
    Mopar Tim.

    Oh well here we go , I'm pulling the 360 out of my dart and putting the 340 back in so we have to prep the engine bay for paint. Do the inner fenders stop a couple of inches before the firewall or do they go all the way to the firewall ??

    Hey Mopar Tim, I found an article you've replied to years ago talking about the spark plugs needed for 452 heads with the peanut plugs. You referenced Mopar 4091938 or Champion OBL9Y, currently I cannot find either of these spark plugs anywhere on the market for purchase. Do you have a cross reference plug you could recommend?
    Hey I’m interested in 318 u have for sale would like to talk to you about it can u send # and good time to call jim
    Morning - I am working on getting my 1964 barracuda in top show condition and not sure of where to go to get parts outside of ebay or Classic Industries. You being a Gold Member and having a lot of like seemed to me that you would be the best person to contact. Working on Body and Interior right now. Thanks, Terry
    I am looking to do the trunk strut install, im going to need the aluminum channel, do you have any left. if so how much do you take paypal ?
    Hi you mentioned 340 leaf springs
    I am interested.
    How much were you thinking?
    How soon will they be available?
    I hope this is how pm's are sent.
    Brendan "H2obuffalo" Wright
    I haven't switched intakes, I have the stock cast intake still. I don't think clearance is an issue though. Many have swapped engines, intakes, and carbs without having to add a scoop. You might want to message Pettybludart (Scott). He put a stroker in his 66 with no scoops. Just a word of caution, the 340 intakes have huge ports compared to the 273's ports and that mismatch can cause performance issues. Mike
    You might not want to raise comp any more. those heads have a smaller combustion chamber. And everything will bolt right together.
    thats what i was trying to find out. originally going to port match stock head to 4bbl intake but if the 302s will bolt right on and all the valve train will work i can prep those heads and do it in an afternoon. thanks for the heads up. also might use steel shim thin head gasket to bump comp up a bit.
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