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  • Hey Brad! Posted a quick message in your 74 Valiant listing. Haven't seen anyone ask for the brake booster, master cyl, proportioning valve, bolts brackets ect.. Sill have them?
    Would you consider shipping them in a box to 47546?
    Let me know, even if it's a while. Won't need them for a month 3.
    Thanks for answering my PM on the carburetor and the seat I guess you really didn’t want to deal with me as you never got back to me and I know I was first to reply on the seats and you sent me a reply on the carburetor to let me know what you want it but you never replied to my second p.m. so I again I guess you didn’t want to deal with me
    Hey Demonracer. I have someone ahead of you who wants all the early b bodies. If he doesn't want them, I'll let you know.
    I'll take the stuff listed below, let me know what shipping will be to Texas 77328.

    1964 Plymouth Belvederes 8 bodies and misc parts, two 2dr post bodies. $40
    1964 Belvedere made by Lindberg $25
    1964 Petty Belvedere NIB $30


    Bill S.
    Wanted pics of ac brackets but found them from another member thanks anyway
    I replied to your request for Monaco parts that you had made back in Nov. I might be able to bring that blue hood in the pictures I posted out to you within a month. Need to bring some Monte Carlo body hulks out to Joe Vega (AZChevs). Not a whole lot of traffic there, or potential business so I am not on there frequently.
    Dona Ana NM 88032
    Brad, did you ever mount the spoiler I sold you? if you did could you please post a picture, I have a lot of guys asking for pictures with it mounted and right now both cars I have are disassembled.

    Geoff MCBryde
    hey, still got the bumper. got more pics??? is it a good one on the shape of the chrome? tks Mike
    I was wondering if you still have the disc brake components for the '74 valiant. I am interested in the upper control arms for sure and possibly the spindles and remaining front brake components (calipers, discs, dust shields, caliper adapters, etc).
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