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  • Hi Leo
    This is Lonnie Leach I sent you a set of 73 Duster hinges to you on 9/12 and was wondering how thing are going ?
    hi moparleo i am looking for rebuilding kits for my 1965 barracuda lower door hinges,is that something you have ?
    I do not sell " rebuild kits ." If you have the "C spring & roller" or the "S" type with roller, you need the proper sized drill and reamer to fit the proper sized custom pin.
    They must be "carbide " for these hinges They are expensive, used one time for the DYI guy.
    The factory use plate steel
    I will only sell the springs and rollers


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    mopar twins
    mopar twins
    i have the s type, does the come with the bushing for the roller or is that not needed with the new s type and roller? can i get your info and how much.
    I have a set of hinges I would like rebuilt. Can you email me with details on shipping and pricing?
    Looking to have a few sets of hinges rebuilt forA-bodies, 1970-1. I have some extra used sets also that I would like credit? Hate to throw in metal scrap bin. Joel in CT
    8604168434 call/text
    Hello Mopar Leo..
    Hope all is well !
    I saw a recent conversation that you were part of, where a member needed the star roller. You posted a picture of what a complete kit would look like, "but don't sell them".. Would you consider making and selling a couple complete kits? I weld and have a blaster, and my neighbor has a small machine shop with a ton of tools, so we can get the hinges done.
    Thank you.
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