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  • Hi Mike, do you still replace pins on circuit boards? I'm in Australia and have a damaged 68 Dart board and maybe should have both completely replaced vs buying new one/s? I am worried about reinstalling them too as I'm concerned about damaging them whilst re-plugging in... Cheers Jason
    Hi Mike, Do you still replace pins on circuit boards? I have a 70 dart ralley board where one pin that fell out. Please advise.
    Thanks, Dave W.
    Thanks Mike! I actually have two sets if you need more but my Paypal address is I can ship tomorrow
    one stud is broke the rest are good. Give me an address and I will mail them to you. don't send money till you get them and make sure you can use them.
    let me see if I can get them off without breaking a stud off. I'll let you know when they are off. and I'll take $35 for the pair. not here to make money just want them to go to a good home.
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