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  • Thanks for the help and info. Iam thinking about buying a desktop dyno and playing with that as well to see where my hp and tourqe number come out. This car should be a lot of fun on the street and surprise quit a few guys.
    Will you please send me your paypal address, I have something I would like to send you
    Thanks a lot for your helpful replies to my post. I can tell that you are very well-informed about Mopars. And please do not believe the bad things that the FCC is saying about me. I am a good, law-abiding person. The FCC is just completely screwed up, and I am going to fight them all the way. Thank you in advance for, hopefully, keeping an open mind about my pending FCC cases. Bill Crowell, W6WBJ
    The front material needed replacement, took a year to find matching very close sun faid is a fact of life. Would never have found the build sheet if we did not replace.

    Thanks, Tom
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