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  • Hello, It looks like you offer restoration service for Barracuda grill's based on some of the posting's here. If so can you restore a set of '67 Barracuda grill's and headlamp bezel's ?
    Can you give me a cost with shipping to 17512 ?
    I would be happy to send pic's if you like.
    Have you posted any of your work ?
    Thanks, Jim
    Hi, was wondering if you can restore headlight bezels for 73 Dodge Dart? Thanks, Mike
    No, Mike. There are many really nice ones on eBay, just keep looking.
    Hi Steve, I’ve been patiently waiting for a response from you about the headlight bezel that I returned.
    Please get back to me ASAP.
    Yep, on the way first think next week. Swamped from Black Friday sales.
    Will shoot you tracking.
    Can you send me information on sending you hood inserts off a 1967 barracuda I sent you pictures last week do you do tail light bezels do you have a contact number so we can talk.
    Rich; It is only 125 + 28 shipping to redo your 67 Hood Inserts. We just sent you our address. Send stud side to stud side with padding in between to protect studs.
    Payment via paypal after pics sent. email is: [email protected]
    Hi! Wondering what it would cost to get my 67 Dart GT finish panel restored? It’s in pretty good shape already, just trying to get it better!
    I no longer do them.
    THANKS for your interest.
    Partsmonsta -
    Please PM me with your email. I have a 67 B'cuda grille in need of a redo, it needs an RH bezel. I also have an extra set of 67 grilles, 68 grilles, and some grille parts, 3 extra bezels, a pair of hood inserts and a tall panel center trim piece that I would be willing to sell/trade to offset cost of RH bezel and resto of my 67's grille.

    Will send photos to email.
    Do you happen do have/ do any early A headlight bezels?
    Just 67, 68 and 69 Dart used NICE. And 67/68 BarraCuda restored. Do have a pair of 66 Dart awaiting polish.
    I have a 68 GTS tail panel that needs some work. If I shoot you a picture or two can you give a ballpark estimate?
    partsmonsta I have a really nice 68 Dart GTS grille & headlight bezels that I need restored. Will you contact me with a estimate?
    You must have know I was thinking about you !!! I've got another '69 Grill I'd like you to do for me !
    pair of 67 grills on here (below) for $50, looks easily repairable. might make some good $ on them !----------bob
    Hi partsmonsta...My name is Steve Pitcher, I would like to have my Grilles & Bezels redone on my '67' Barracuda. Please send me your Mailing address so I can send them to you for Refinishing, Thanks, [email protected] I really love your work.
    Thanks so much for the amazing restoration job you did on my 72 Demon grille & bezels. The closer I look at it the more I see what a careful taping & paint job you did. That grille is so delicate, but you handled it without a single new crack. Worth every penny!
    it's much nicer than the stock red. The red had no metallic. Thanks for the name, I'm gonna check it out. Would look killer on my 68 Dart GTS Car.
    I have seen many Mopars painted the OEM red and it is not attractive, it needs the metallic and the Imron brings it to a whole nuther level.
    Keep me in mind if you ever redo your Cuda Grilles/HL Bezels, I resto them here on FABO.
    Looking for some spare Cuda Grille parts, if u got 'em. THANKS for getting back to me.
    My Barracuda is a custom color based on a 1980's Dupont Imron color called Dark Firethorne Metallic. When I had it repainted, they took a camera shot from under the trunk lid and made a basecoat/clearcoat version of that color. To me it is a little more red than the orginal Imron color. Honestly, it is very close to the darker red/burgundy that they had in 1968.
    It looks like the shipping will be $30.02 via the USPS. PayPal works. My account name is [email protected] Can you do the money transfer as a gift in the friends and family section? That way no fees are charged. I'll also need your mailing info. Thanks.
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