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  • Merry Christmas ....hope the day was great for you ....Happy new year too.

    dang, I cant get over how sweet your car is .....that is picture perfect :)
    I got a pm from your santa that your gift was at the post office . If you need a tracking number let me know
    Hey Jeff, there's a car show at GG park next Saturday. You can look it up... Jimmy's old car picnic. Lots of really cool stuff there. If you go, my house is on the way back home for you and you can check out the dart parts. Not trying to rush you, but I want to get this car out of here asap.
    Hey! yea, im trying to get rid of alot of stuff. i bought a new 2013 Ram. i kinda lost interest in the muscle car scene afterwards. having a fast, fullsize, Hemi truck is much more fun. lol I bought a badass set of wheels for it, now I need tires for em. I want headers, exhaust, a cold air intake, ported throttle body and a performance tune. LOL
    I'm REALLY thinking about selling my cars and everything associated with them...Ive lost total interest. I'm now leaning towards modern day performance muscle cars. so much easier.
    That's weird I could of sworn I saw you in Oaktown today. Hey whats up..... I still have that stand if you want to come get it. It's yours.
    yeah it is,nice to work on stuff like this again,kinda like recesion free players dont worry about budget.and tell you what this car has flintstone floorboards....couldnt belive it he paid twenty large for ......
    whats up jeff? your house ok?no evac i hope.when you want to kick it and get yourtrans most the little jobs done.nate told me i was part of the team.he is gonna do mechanical stuff now that he has me to do it.
    jeff,lost my phone yesterday,getting another monday just letting you know mike
    hey got my car 90 percent sanded, if its nice tommorrow i can mask and spray it grey.think i should do the hood black?
    Sorry Jeff,gotta work Fri and Sat. How I am paying for all the parts this month. Put in for the June 6th gig off.
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