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  • hello Snake........I guess its a small world. Talking to a good friend today.......Tony jackson......Totally floored me. Hope all is well. Edd
    IM from milton i drive a 70 dart replica 512 stroker bb 727 auto 355 rear ill get pics soon
    Hey snake just joined the group im a fellow canadian if your in the haltonb area or are driving by give me a heads up thanks Kevin.
    Nope just tap that seal in.What I did was after the seal is in clean around the seal and houseing and put some rtv around the metal edge and your houseing for a leak proof job.Dont forget to adjust your axel end play on the right side.
    Hi Snake, rear end is in Dart and driver side is all bolted up,
    but I just have a question,
    when replacing the axle shaft inner seal on the rear passenger side (because that's where it's leaking),
    do I need to remove anything on the driver side (like tire, drums or anything else) or can I just concentrate on passenger side only.

    Thanks for all your help,
    Hi Snake, How you doing?
    got the inner seals and other parts just haven't done it yet but hopefully by end of April (now that weather is warming up)
    I read your posts and what you've done/doing to your you do alot, where do you find the time??
    Hope to see your car on the road soon.............I'm always keeping an eye out for the classics.
    Take care buddy,
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