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  • I will pics but I cant figure it out\??? WWHy not just have "attach " photo l
    I recently added a 54 Ford F100 with a Cordoba suspension and I have a mild 440 that is going in with an 8 3/4 rearend. I have a set of 906 rebuilt heads that are on the bench for it. I know this is not te forum for customs

    73 challenger 500 c i tremac 5 speed road race, 68 dart 446 4 speed, I crashed but repairable, 68 notchback cuda present project, 54 Ford F100 w 440 mild cam ,79 porsche 911 w a Chevy 327
    68 coronet wagon 383, green and in great shape, 73 360 Power wagon 4x4, I love this truck and itsMopar purple.
    I can afford these toys because I do all my own work, everything including the burn outs. THANK GOD FOR TOOLS AND FORUMS
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