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    [FOR SALE] Holley 750 Carb

    Deleted by staff, negotiate through PM
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    [FOR SALE] 360 block and crank

    Deleted by staff, negotiate through PM
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    thanks Marcohotrod
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    i just put a trac loc diff in my 74 duster. It came out of 96 dodge dakota its an 8.25. now my problem... will 8.75 axles work in it because axles from duster are 27 spline and trac loc is 29 spline.
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    We have a 74 Duster, need input on where timing should be set with 484/284 cam
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    Edelbrock Carb

    600 Edelbrock Carb, Manual choke. Works great , switched to a Holley. $100 OBO plus the ride. It originally was posted as a 650, screwed is a 600. Model #1405
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    74 Duster Defrost Vents

    Another memeber has 69 & up A body Defrost vents for sale & am wondering if they would fit our 74 Duster before we buy them?
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    stalling out

    going to get new distributor I really believe vacum advance is not working.I have checked for leaks even bought better intake gaskets along with carb gaskets. Then If that dont work gonna buy a chevy lmao kidding.Thanks so much for all the input you guys are awesome.
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    stalling out

    should have mentioned it has 2800 stall. and timing is set at 18 to 20 degrees
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    stalling out

    i just rebuilt a 360 put 484 284 cam. Balanced crank piston. put 650 holley new distributor 340 202 heads.My problem is starts up great idles good go to put it in ears falls flat on its face and dies.Turn up idle but then in park its idling at 1800 rpm to keep it running in gear. what can I do...
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    [SOLD] 65 Barracuda for sale

    LOVE IT!!!! Wish our rebuild was done & had the extra cash!
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    Vacuum Pump

    thxs everyone, pretty sure I got the brake issue figured out, gonna work on that tomorrow, and thxs for the info on the timing, going to change that up to & see if that makes a difference too
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    Vacuum Pump

    Hey thanks for all the input and advise. I think I'm just going to switch to manual brakes. The only reason I wanted power brakes was for my wife. This is her ride. And by the way timing is set at 5 degrees BTC and 484 284 cam. Thanks again
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    Vacuum Pump you have an idea then of what we need??? Thxs for the info on the Vacuum Amplifier
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    Vacuum Pump

    We are in the process of restoring a 74 Duster, have the drivetrain finished but are experiencing a Brake problem. We have Power Steering/ Brakes. Took it out on the road last week & ended up with no brakes. Have been told we need a Vacuum Pump(they are quite expensive). On the old valve cover...
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    Transmission Fluid in new build

    We are restoring a 74 Duster, 360 w/727 tranny. How much tranny fluid will it take? Can't find it in our manual.
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    [SOLD] Early A Headers! Hooker 5208 Super Comps

    would these fit a 74 Duster...360 motor???
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    Under the Hood Seal

    I have a 74 Duster that needs the rubber seal under the hood replaced. What is the exact name for this & where would I buy ut?
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    Shifter Linkage

    74 Duster, automatic on the floor
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    Shifter Linkage

    Looking for Shifter Linkage for original auto floor shifter, need the linkage that goes thru the floor & hooks up to tranny. Need both pieces. PM me if you have it & I'll send you my e-mail so you can send pics, or post them to this thread. Thxs
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    Duster guys- what year do you have?

    In the midst of restoring our 74 Duster, was a 318 4bbl, 904 trans when we bought it,. We have rebuilt a 360 & 727 to stuff back in it. Have tried to upload pics to here but having trouble with that for some reason.
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    70-72 Duster Rear Bumper

    thxs, but looking for an older one
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    70-72 Duster Rear Bumper

    Looking for a 70-72 Duster rear bumper (preferably with the brackets) to put on our 74 Duster. Needs to be straight & preferably close to ohio zip 45891, so shipping isn't outrageous or we can pick. OK if it needs rechromed.
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    kickdown linkage

    going from a 904 tranny to a 727, do I need to get kickdown linkage for a 727 or can i use 904 linkage? If I do need to go with the 727 dioes anyone have it for sale?
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    Center Console Mounting Bracket

    PM sent to MoparGod
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    Center Console Mounting Bracket

    Looking to buy mounting bracket for center console, shipping to 45891 if anyone has one.
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    Restoring a 74 Duster & recently bought a center console & shifter. The hard plastic piece that the shifter sits in is in bad shape. What exactly is that called, where can I can one (or can it be repaired somehow?)
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    Looking for 74 Duster Parts

    Sounds great, only we live in good ole
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    Sweet Ride

    That he is! Gave alot of good info too!