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    Does anyone recognize these washers?

    about the right size to reinforce LCA pin tubes
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    Fiberglass over our plastic panels?

    A few weeks ago i used this to repair a urethane bumper cover tear in the mounting ear. It cures very nicely, very hard yet flexible enough. Worked very well for my application. Supposed to beable to sand and print it. for $7 at your walmart, i'd give it shot. For the crack, I would glue...
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    2008 Chrysler T&C 3.8L Y pipe

    I just did that either last year or the year before! Mine developed a steady drip out of one of the connectors. Pretty easy to get to and cheap enough. I didn't know about the improved replacement. Next time I'll do that!
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    All for .370 lift and under ........

    right on. my commentary was that, at least from what i saw, you ought to be a long way from enough miles and tanks especially when trying to be objective. To put it in perspective the difference between your initial 13.5gal avg and the 13.72 mpg improvement is a savings of 0.23Gal of gas in...
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    All for .370 lift and under ........

    controlled MPG testing is actually *really* hard to duplicate. I had a 130 mile round trip commute ~3000 miles a month and it was hard to test for MPG changes. Same 4miles in town, 61miles interstate 5 days a week. With careful observation i could throw out outliers i.e. weather and...
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    Aftermarket safe are they??

    @pishta did. A CSX is a Shadow.
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    Aftermarket safe are they??

    only on 1989 Shelby CSX-VNT
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    Aftermarket safe are they??

    I was at an AUTOx when an OEM aluminum (350z) wheel broke off the hub like that at 45-50mph as the car loaded up into a sweeper. On inspection it had a crack for a very long time before it went. Another kid with bargain basement cheap aftermarket wheel had cracks in 3 of 8 spokes. Cracked as...
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    First Autocross

    Awesome! They regularly do big events at Grissom. there's another club south of you in Columbus its been a while but they put on a decent event.
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    Fuel Mileage booster’s

    i figured alot of that came down to NOx regulations. If you have a hotter cylinder combustion (e.g. leaner/more complete burn) efficiency goes up.. but so does NOx. For some reason i thought most of europe had looser emissions than US and certainly CARB. Higher gas prices for sure, but looser...
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    3.6 Pentastar oil pressure sender woes.....

    That is EXACTLY what i was thinking... "NO way am I going to do this again, so I'll use this AL body in it so it doesn't warp and cause issues". see how well that turned out for me.
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    3.6 Pentastar oil pressure sender woes.....

    Thanks for the offer on gaskets! I already had a set and not knowing what I needed i ended up getting a new cooler (no body) which came with another set except for the o-ring which was very odd. The last fix (October 2021), i retrofitted the aluminum housing which required a 14+ cooler, and...
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    3.6 Pentastar oil pressure sender woes.....

    I JUST did this in November.... Mine is leaking again, but not as catastrophically as before. You're faster than me, my fastest time all back together was just under 60min. Looks like i'll get one more chance at a new personal record.
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    WIW..1989 Ramcharger

    Talk him down a bit cus why not? IMO those things got expensive but i'd do 3k if it was well optioned/not rusty. between my dad and myself, we've owned about 15 ramchargers... but none in the last 12yrs+ . quarters infront and behind wheel should have been rusted out, that its not is probably...
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    Ramcharger exhaust 2-1/4 duals or single 3"

    I have put a few hundred thousand miles on 2wd Ramchargers and have only ever seen regular 18-19mpg highway on my 92 5.2 magnum. For those that are unaware, that is 600miles+ per 35gal tank! If someone is doing that on a tall 4wd, I'm skeptical, but bravo! For reference, going from the the...
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    72 Dart Swinger 3.6L Pentastar +T5

    lol LOOPED IT! I'll make a gif latter.
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    72 Dart Swinger 3.6L Pentastar +T5

    update your thread.
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    I am Detroit - Historical video, shows Dusters being built on the line.

    ironically the Japanese have us to thank for it. Deming (the ISO 9000 guy) help them fix their manufacturing after WW2.
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    1969 Mod Top Barracuda Hardtop on Hemmings Auctions

    If it wasn't THIS car i saw its twin for sale in Bloomington/Normal IL in the Mid to late 2000's. MOD top was wild, i had no idea it was a worthwhile thing to have. they were asking $6900 at the time. I ended up with a 67 notch, same color no modtop.
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    72 Dart Swinger 3.6L Pentastar +T5

    Ignoring the chalkboard scratching harmonics, when it was working it was an absolute RIOT as long as it lasted ;-( Calling it a tight 'Miata' course would be an understatement. Hell some of those gates were barely 3 parking spaces away! With manual steering, that has got to be the worst it...
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    72 Dart Swinger 3.6L Pentastar +T5

    nearly 100mph is moving pretty good and it definitely sounds better than i was expecting. lol yeah that first gear was BRUTAL
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    How to lift 5.7?

    I know it wasn't too hard even without the spreader to avoid the intake, but we had to think about it. though i seem to recall fuel rail getting in the way. The next time it was intake off.
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    Slant 6 K-Frame = LOTS of Clearance

    Where you located @70Sbird ? if you have spare /6 K laying about lemme know. I have a couple v8 K's
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    72 Dart Swinger 3.6L Pentastar +T5

    That suspiciously looks road worthy and legal. Its not done until there are two black stripes on the pavement.
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    Hot Rod Power Tour 2020

    Good chance i saw that superbird on I55 near Springfield last year. I'll check it out in Champaign or Gateway.
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    modern 5.2 FI roller engine cylinder ridge ?

    Yeah i agree, its a industry thing.
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    modern 5.2 FI roller engine cylinder ridge ?

    I suspect its mostly thin ring packs more than anything.
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    modern 5.2 FI roller engine cylinder ridge ?

    We've had a bunch of high mile (200k+) 88-93 v8 trucks/vans the couple i had heads off of did not have a feel able ridge and had cross hatch in the cylinder despite feeling wore out. They all "ran OK" but wore out is more than just having cylinder ridge. I think with that many miles its a...
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    1/2 cordless impact opinions

    When i go places i take a $10 HF breaker bar. 20v Dewalt 1/4" impact with 1/2 adapter and socket. 1.5T AL jack, and a small satchel of assorted tools ;-) good Lion batteries typically last a very long time.