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  1. Fast340cuda

    71 Demon 1/10 RC car

    What’s the part number on the body and who manufactures it?
  2. Fast340cuda

    71 Demon 1/10 RC car

    Just finished up this RC replica of my full sized 71 Demon build this weekend. Figured I would share some pics before my son and I wreck it! The body is manufactured by Parma and the car itself is a Traxxas 4WD slash.
  3. Fast340cuda

    A body with an A833 and a Gear Vendor installed

    I prefer the look of the round shift handle and ball in an a body. No cuts at all in the tunnel. Just took a few good sized clearance dents in the driveshaft tunnel. Best mod I have done so far. I run 3.91’s in the rear and with the OD on it cuts them down to about a 3.0. Makes cruising on...
  4. Fast340cuda

    A body with an A833 and a Gear Vendor installed

    I’m running a Gear Vendors unit behind an E body 4 speed in my 68 barracuda. My kit came with a shifter mechanism relocation plate to move the shifter mount from the E body to the original A body location. I ran the B body bench seat pistol grip on this set up initially but am now running the...
  5. Fast340cuda

    can a 440 be installed from underneath?

    I just installed my 440 from the bottom in my 71 demon with the k frame, transmission and headers attached this weekend. I had no problems at all during installation.
  6. Fast340cuda

    [WANTED] 67-69 small block 394 oil pan

    Looking for a clean 394 stamping oil pan to install on my 68 340. Ditched my stock pan when I was in high school for a deep sump Milodon. Ready to go back to stock and gain some ground clearance. Let me know if you have a nice spare sitting around! Thanks FABO!
  7. Fast340cuda

    [Found!] 1972 dart or demon twin hood scoop

    Looking for a twin hood scoop for my demon project. Prefer one off of a 1972 dart or demon but open to the dart sport version for the raised center section hoods. I have been looking at the reproductions but would really like to find an original. Car is just about ready for paint and this is...
  8. Fast340cuda

    Favorite Big Block Roller Rockers

    They had a few sets on the shelf when I called last year. I believe the company was previously named Rocker Arm Specialties.
  9. Fast340cuda

    Favorite Big Block Roller Rockers

    I just installed a set of Rocker Arm Unlimited rockers on my big block. Have not run the motor yet but they seem pretty solid.
  10. Fast340cuda

    Clearcoat on engine

    I have used spray can clear on intakes in the past and it did turn yellow after some run time. It also stained easily when gas gets dripped on it. This last round I used my spray gun to shoot base and clear but have not run it yet to see if there are any issues. The local shop that I purchase my...
  11. Fast340cuda

    Plastic model kit

    Received my reissue kit a few weeks ago. Really nice kit overall, details are fairly close to the original I have.
  12. Fast340cuda

    Anybody use the 440Source A/C body oil pan?

    It took a fair amount of solid swings with a good sized hammer. Glad I mocked it up before assembly and paint!
  13. Fast340cuda

    Anybody use the 440Source A/C body oil pan?

    I have the Mancini pan on mine which I believe is the same as the 440 source pan. I had to slightly clearance the oil pan for the idler arm to clear when the steering was at full lock. This is with a DC k frame and the original steering linkage from my 71 Demon. The attached pic is prior to the...
  14. Fast340cuda

    Engine compartment pics

    372 CID (340 based) in my 68 340-S barracuda
  15. Fast340cuda

    Hemi oil pan

    Here is a picture of my set up. Im using a 66-69 hemi oil pan on a 440 with the DC spool type k frame. The bottom of the pan sump is about a 1/2” lower than the bottom of the k frame so I added a reproduction skid plate for safe measure.
  16. Fast340cuda

    BB Oil Pump Difference?

    Here is a HV Melling for reference
  17. Fast340cuda

    Best Place to Buy TTI Headers?

    I purchased my last set of TTI’s through Hemi Denny. Not sure if he still offers TTI products but he saved me a few bucks and customer service was great!
  18. Fast340cuda

    [SOLD] 67 340 intake manifold

    Cleared an inbox spot oldpunko77
  19. Fast340cuda

    [SOLD] 67 340 intake manifold

    I am local and can pick it up if davescuda passes.
  20. Fast340cuda

    1971 Dodge Dart Rancho Cordova, CA. Pick-N-Pull (Not Mine)

    Thanks again for the tip hemi71x! I stopped by the wrecker on my way back from Nevada this afternoon and picked up the hood, left front fiberglass fender extension, battery tray, horn set, and some misc hardware from the 71 dart!
  21. Fast340cuda

    1971 Dodge Dart Rancho Cordova, CA. Pick-N-Pull (Not Mine)

    Thanks for posting this! I need the hood off of that car for my demon. Going to be in the area on Saturday. Hope it’s still there!
  22. Fast340cuda

    1971 DEMON......4 OR 6 ROOF BOWS?

    Oops! Had duster on the brain from one of the previous replies!
  23. Fast340cuda

    1971 DEMON......4 OR 6 ROOF BOWS?

    I recently pulled the headliner out of my 71 demon which should be the same as your duster. It has the 6 bow style and had most of the bows mounted into the lowest hole of the 3 options. I took pictures of everything, can email them to you if interested.
  24. Fast340cuda

    When did Chrysler start stamp VINs on engine blocks?

    Check the area circled in yellow on your block.
  25. Fast340cuda

    1968 Barracuda exhaust tips?

    Here are stock style tips on my 68-S.
  26. Fast340cuda

    Tach mounting

    Here is my tach mount. Originally had it mounted under the dash but that made it hard to read while grabbing gears.