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  1. dd70340

    Low oil pressure at stop light.

    You didn't mention what type of gauge you have. If it's the factory electric gauge like the one I have on my rallye dash then you could have a bad oil pressure sending unit that's located near the distributor. I had a new Standard PS59 sending unit and the needle on the gauge would go to the...
  2. dd70340

    Any advice for color matching Lagoon Blue interior color?

    Try Herb's interior paints Herb's Parts - Mopar Restoration and Performance
  3. dd70340

    ignition and turn signal switches??

    If the turn signal switch is sloppy you may just need a new cancelling cam
  4. dd70340

    ignition and turn signal switches??

    Do your switches still work? Try cleaning and lubricating them before you replace them. They may be in good shape. I thought I needed a new ignition switch because the key wouldn't spring back from the start position to run until cleaned I cleaned the switch with WD40 then sprayed the shaft with...
  5. dd70340

    Is this a bumper for a 1972 Scamp? If so I need some bracket to mount it.

    1972 was the first year for the hook type jacks and slotted bumpers. Your bumper has slots so I would say yes it's for your car. Your rear bumper should have slots also and your bumper should be the hook type. If you still have the jack instructions on your trunk lid it should look like this...
  6. dd70340

    Can someone help me decode my fender tag on my 72 dart ?

    The Articles section of FABO has a MOPAR options list Mopar Option Codes. It lists 69 to 71 codes but most of them are probably good for 72. This site has factory service manuals that will help you decode your vin Service Manuals – MyMopar. It doesn't have the 72 Dodge manual but it does have...
  7. dd70340

    1973 Dart Bumpers

    Tri-City Plating Tri-City Plating Co. Inc. - Chrome Plating for the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas may have plated 73 bumpers in stock. If they have a set they can take yours for cores in a trade or replate yours if they don't.
  8. dd70340


    According to the fender tag it's a 1972 Dart with a 318.
  9. dd70340


    FABO has option codes listed under articles Mopar Option Codes. The top line of the fender tag shows V5X which is Body Side Molding, Black. If a car came with a side molding it didn't have a Bumble Bee Stripe. My car came with a side molding, V5X, however I left it off and added a Bumble Bee Stripe.
  10. dd70340

    Duster windshield removal/replacement

    I had to remove the trim and seal the windshield myself because the local glass installers I talked to didn't want to risk scratching the paint. It's a very messy job but well worth it. You have to keep checking for leaks and keep filling the openings until the leaks stopped. One installer told...
  11. dd70340

    Duster windshield removal/replacement

    I discovered I had leaks in my front and rear windshields this past summer when my car got caught in a downpour on the way home from a car show. The windshields had been replaced, however they didn't have bedding and glazing compound installed around the windshields between the seals and the...
  12. dd70340

    1970 Ignition Switch

    I took my steering column apart yesterday to work on the ignition switch and found the shaft was dirty. The ignition switch spring couldn't get the shaft to fully rotate so I cleaned the switch with WD40 then sprayed the shaft with lithium grease and now the shaft fully rotates. I also cleaned...
  13. dd70340

    1970 Ignition Switch

    Do the ignition switches get sticky from dirt and just need to be cleaned in order to function properly? Except for not going to the run position after starting my switch is working fine.
  14. dd70340

    1970 Ignition Switch

    Dave, Thanks for your comments. I suspect the problem is with the switch and I want to see if anybody had a similar problem with a 70 and later car. I'm hoping it's possible to fix the problem without taking the column apart since as you can see in this FABO article you have to take a lot of...
  15. dd70340

    1970 Ignition Switch

    I have a 1970 Dodge Dart 340 that has a rallye dash and an in dash tach I got from Classic Industries. I thought I was having a problem with the tach because the needle doesn't move when I start the car, however it does move about 10 seconds or longer after the car starts running. Yesterday I...
  16. dd70340

    how to identify

    69 was the last year for the flasher switch on the dash. 70 was the first year for the steering wheel lock and flasher switch on the column. I think the 70 column with auto shifter is pretty much identical to the 71 column except for how the flasher switch operates. The 70 flasher switch is...
  17. dd70340

    Ac/heater install question

    Do you have the Factory Service Manual? If not you can download it here Service Manuals – MyMopar. In Group 24, Air Conditioning, the Evaporator Heater Assembly section has the hose diagrams for the heater and defroster.
  18. dd70340

    [WANTED] 1970 Dart Door Fuzzy

    I need a passenger side rear inside door fuzzy. Mine was damaged trying to adjust the window. I don't want to buy a new set since the originals have been replaced and all the others are in good condition. Would consider a used one if it's in good condition.
  19. dd70340

    1970 Dart Leaking Rear Window

    I found out my rear window leaks into the trunk when I got caught in a downpour on the way home from a car show two weeks ago. The leaks occurred at the bottom corners. I read an old post that stated there are two different rear window seals, one for cars with a vinyl roof and one for cars...
  20. dd70340

    1970 Dart Question on Dual Horns

    The wiring harness is the same whether you have a single or dual horns. My 70 340 Swinger only had one horn but I added the second horn.
  21. dd70340


    Tri-City Plating in Elizabethton Tennessee Tri-City Plating Co. Inc. - Chrome Plating for the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas rechromes bumpers. Traded my old ones for a set they already had done.
  22. dd70340

    Cigarette lighter location?

    I got a new Rallye Dash bezel for my 1970 Swinger 340 in 2016 and I remember the back of the bezel was marked where the cigarette lighter goes so you could drill a hole for it. If the one you have isn't marked you'll have to mount it like Murray said and mark it yourself.
  23. dd70340

    70 Duster 340, 3 Core Rad?

    The 1970 Dodge Challenger/Dart Service Manual on page 7-10 lists radiator 2998945-22" for the 340 engine with air conditioning. Service Manuals – MyMopar
  24. dd70340

    70 Duster 340, 3 Core Rad?

    The 70 A body factory 340 a/c radiator is p/n 2998945 which is a 3 row core.
  25. dd70340

    1970 Steering column question

    I think 70 automatic column shift steering columns are pretty much the same as 71 and later columns except for the flasher switch. 70 was the first year the flasher switch was placed at the bottom right side of the column and you have to push it in to activate it. According to my drivers ed...
  26. dd70340

    Radio Conversion feedback

    I have an FM converter too but I was considering getting a RediRad RediRad RR-AM/N Antenna Bypass AM modulator Aux Input Classic Car Radio Negative Ground since you can plug your phone, mp3 player, CD player or cassette player into it. My phone has an FM app so you can get FM that way...
  27. dd70340

    Green interior

    I almost forgot, Herb's sells 32 interior colors including 5 different greens Herb's Parts: HERBS PARTS INTERIOR PAINT, Interior Paint, PAINT.
  28. dd70340

    Green interior

    If you're not too concerned about keeping the original interior color you might want to consider black. My exterior color is FF4 light green metallic and it had a dark green vinyl roof. The original interior was green but the previous owner started converting it to black. I liked the look so I...
  29. dd70340

    Kelsey Hayes Bleeder Valves

    The part you're looking for is S.U.R.&R 3/8" - 24 NF Brake Bleeder Screw part number BB02. I got a package of 5 at my local auto parts store but that's probably not an option for you. Try Summit Racing S.U.R.&R. BB02 S.U.R.&R. Brake Bleeder Screws | Summit Racing, ebay SUR&R 3/8 - 24NF BLEEDER...
  30. dd70340

    Green interior

    You can download the FSM on this site MyMopar, just click "Service Manual Library". The console color you're looking for is on page 23-92, Bayou Green Poly, AB6EF8, 43929.