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  1. Inertia

    Swinger 1969, testfitting engine and painting is going on

    Very, very awesome ! ! Wishing you lotsa miles with lotsa smiles. Great job .
  2. Inertia

    Another One to Restore .

    You're the second person to mention the steering wheel. The fella that sold it, said he was looking for a wheel like that, I had one on the wall, and gifted it to him for honoring the deal we shook on, as he had several higher offers after we shook. That's the kinda guy I want for leader, a man...
  3. Inertia

    Another One to Restore .

    I found receipts from Vancouver in 84. The fella I bought it from has had it 7 yrs, he bought from an guy that had it 19 yrs, here on the island. Phheew . lol I did the math last nite, but forgot .
  4. Inertia

    Another One to Restore .

    I've had ads out for a coupla years looking for an alternate vehicle with a floor, cuz I just don't bend the way I used to, to enable to replace the floor in the 68 I showed in my Disney Zoo Thread . Looked at the few avail, scored one this week that'll save me hours, at my age, that matters...
  5. Inertia

    Door glass, front edge track

    You can likely use the SKU to find it elseware if nec. Cheers .
  6. Inertia

    1969 Valiant Slicing

    Proud of you, - you're a true hotodder ! !
  7. Inertia

    Arthur’s Duster

    You can be very proud, - very good job ! !
  8. Inertia

    Arthur’s Duster

    I have a pair of early Challengers, one fresh outta body shop . Similar story .
  9. Inertia

    1969 Dodge Dart Engine Stutter

    The initial backfire may have blown a vacuum hose off, resulting in a vacuum leak that can cause issues like you describe. Engine running, listen for " hissing", look for hose not connected at or near carb, brake booster area. Good luck .
  10. Inertia

    73 Swinger Power Steering Header Nightmare!

    You can move the engine around quite a bit by loosening all the fasteners thru the engine and mounts, the trans mount, then using ratchet straps, a long pry bar and jacks, move the engine as poss and tighten the bolts with the best clearances. Then shim as nec.
  11. Inertia

    73 Swinger Power Steering Header Nightmare!

    Engine in the right place ? Footnote #39
  12. Inertia

    68' Dart, new project !

    Nice score, I was eyeing that one myself.. Let me know if you need any parts..