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  1. earthmover

    not a body but thought you guys would like

    well found out from previous owner everything is going through the delay box and timer so that's why it's constantly running bout same number oh well zero everything out and shot for the moon on little challenger learning how to use the grid going to transbrake it next time out and hopefully...
  2. earthmover

    not a body but thought you guys would like

    6.17 only 1 pass tonight I was trying to transbrake but messed up so footbrake In a rush it's more there I just gotta do better myself
  3. earthmover

    not a body but thought you guys would like

    will add more soon going to be interesting has 499 b1 head motor now later motor out the red car
  4. earthmover

    not a body but thought you guys would like

    no plans on class racing my try it 1 day just going to learn the car have a little fun with my kids and grandbabies
  5. earthmover

    not a body but thought you guys would like

    little dodge challenger decided to buy yesterday 499 power glade
  6. earthmover

    I love Street Outlaws, no mopars

    Wow how do blacks dress and talk please help me understand. .
  7. earthmover

    Let's see your Duster!

    73 square tube chassis 451 indy 1 heads Ron's toilet injection8 in verta 456 ford 9 in 14/32mt ..
  8. earthmover

    Let's see your Duster!

    70 duster use to be 340 j heads 8 in verta 28/10 Slick 7.30 1.67 60 ..
  9. earthmover


    Can't change the price until it all sells ..if they pay xxxx that's the price until it is all gone and only then can the change it up or down by next shipment. .had a brother in law that use to haul gas and that's what he told me about the prices..
  10. earthmover

    Duster guys- what year do you have?

    been had it for about 12 or a little more yrs 70 duster and the 73 chassis car I got last yr :D
  11. earthmover

    picked up another 400 for cheap has a new alter., new water pump, new starter, new wires, and 96thousand miles.. got it pretty cheap.. my always good to have a a factory 4barrel intake on it with a spacer.. guy had a bg carb on...
  12. earthmover

    more than just a screen name

    well earthmover is my screen name and I own a dump truck and move the earth
  13. earthmover

    chevy engine in a duster ?

    :DI like it .. racing cost so you have to do what you have top do... if it was a nova with a mopar everybody would be loving much brand loyalty...if mopar cared about the buyers as much as the buyers care for mopar we would have a ton of parts from them and the after market.. but no...
  14. earthmover

    Ok it's Friday what weekend projects are you working on 10 gal. of oil , new filter, new water filter, and new fuel filter.. then gotta replace the tarp......:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:prayer::prayer::prayer::prayer::prayer::prayer::prayer::prayer: also gotta drain the water and anti...
  15. earthmover

    To my FABO Family

    i am so sorry for your loss..
  16. earthmover

    Photoshop help needed

    what color is that??? thats nice:prayer: the duster looks to be dark bronze.. am i right????
  17. earthmover

    what are your winter projects ? to finish this car and have it ready to run by my march 9:prayer::prayer::prayer::prayer:
  18. earthmover

    Vehicle transport questions

    i called around to get my new project car was cheaper for me to go get it myself..from nc to fld. took 8hrs thats with stopping for fuel and stopping to eat..loaded car talked for a few min. hit the road again stop for fuel and rest room and fuel home by 430 am sat. morning..oh i...
  19. earthmover

    Met Herb McCandless Today - Not Abody, but

    hey spick where are you in raleigh??? i :prayer::prayer::prayer::prayer:work that place about everyday off on sat..
  20. earthmover

    showe us those black hoods in the :D:D:D:D
  21. earthmover

    Will a 350 Chevy fit into a 1972 dodge dart

    its your car do what you want..i got a guy here suppose to come buy my 73 dart roller to put his 383 in it..he asked would i care i told him hell no pay me its yours do what you want..:shock::D:angry4::thumblef:
  22. earthmover

    Is this worth the asking price?

    not to start a piss or anything jmho is you better get it..abody rear ends are hard to get the stock width ..i paid 300.00 about 8/10 yrs ago....the axles alone sell for at lease 75.00 in small bolt.. think of it this way if you had to buy a c/b rear and have it cut and then the axles aswell...
  23. earthmover

    fenderwell headers dodge dart sport?

    i know headman makes them for a duster my buddy has them on his car so they should have them for the dart..the same header should work as the sport is shape like the duster i think mike headman hustler is what they where called i think..
  24. earthmover

    Show your scoops!!!!!!!!!!

    old school baby lol:D:D:D:D:D
  25. earthmover

    Jegs Pro Stock Mopar if you look here the front end off his old stratus is going on here carbon fiber and will be 1000hp and a glide coming this year stay tuned boys we gonna...