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    [WANTED] original style black vent window adjuster access plug

    BIC-pen end-plug, touch of weatherstrip adhesive .
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    [WANTED] Wilwood front disc brakes

    Wasn't responding to you . Thnx anyway .
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    [WANTED] Wilwood front disc brakes

    OP If you have particular wheels you plan to use, Wilwoods have lotsa interference issues, caliper to rim, center hole too small . Just a heads up.
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    [Found!] 833 reverse light harness

    Evans Mopar wiring, family run. Great to do business with, $30? 1/2 way down the page. Will custom build to needs . Cheers
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    WANTED Bench seat hinge covers Cheers
  6. Inertia

    [WANTED] Schumacher Dakota small block engine swap mounts.

    Here's an easy mount my son made putting a 360 in a tribute truck . Hope it helps . Cheers
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    [WANTED] 1968-72 A-body lower control arms w/sway bar tabs

    Don't know if this will help . MOPAR A/B/E WELD ON SWAY BAR TABS - Bergman Auto Craft I make my own tabs outta rect tube cut diagonally . ≤$5.00 .
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    [WANTED] 904 Lower Shift Linkage Bracket

    Mancini Racing - Gearshift Control Torque Bracket
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    [Found!] Corbin clamps

    To be clear, 69 and earlier used a smaller diameter bypass hose than 70 and later(3/4") just so you don't order the wrong clamps . DODGE Mopar small block LA Hoses, Heater - Rubber Hose Material - Engine Coolant Bypass Hose Heater Hose Position - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing
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    [WANTED] 68 340 drivers side heat shield Cheers
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    [WANTED] 71 Demon master cylinder plastic gasket

    Cut a new one from an empty 1 gal oil jug
  12. Inertia

    [WANTED] PVC gromet

    I found one in a "blister pack" hanging at the parts store .
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    [WANTED] Has anyone got a good shape 25 teeth input shaft 3 line marking on the gear t

    It's not unheard of, to sharpen them . That is high gear .
  14. Inertia

    [WANTED] Has anyone got a good shape 25 teeth input shaft 3 line marking on the gear t

    I have had several bearing surfaces spray-welded and machined, if that's your problem .
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    [WANTED] 67 Dart Headrests

    I don't believe headrests came out till 1969 My 68s don't, my early 69 doesn't, and I bought it new .
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    [Found!] Push Button Automatic Transmission Control Panel Help

    P.S. It should automatically shift the buttons to "Neutral" when you throw the "Park" lever over .
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    [Found!] Push Button Automatic Transmission Control Panel Help

    IIRC correctly, the buttons just slide and Clic onto "forks" of the control unit. Figure out the order of buttons from R to 1, and find the appropriate" fork", so they all line up in order. I don't remember it being that difficult, and the cable attachment should be obvious. Good luck .
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    [WANTED] 1967 Barracuda Engine/Light Harness

    Evan's wiring, mopar only, family run, plug and play, - custom wiring on request. Phone them with particulars . : Product Catalog
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    [Found!] alternator harness : Product Catalog Mopar only, family run . Cheers
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    [WANTED] Torque Strap

    $5.00 piece of chain.
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    [WANTED] tail light harness : Product Catalog
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    [WANTED] vent window channel - u-shaped pieces that attaches to door glass

    The aftermarket ones are very poor quality, by do work . It took me over 2 yrs to find OEM ones, last pkg.
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    [WANTED] vent window channel - u-shaped pieces that attaches to door glass

    Fits 1967-74 A-BODY, 1966-70 B-BODY, VENT WINDOW CHANNELS (Pair)
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    [WANTED] Seat latch covers

    A-Body 1962-76 - Dart - Duster - Valiant -- Interior / Seat Components / Bench Seat Hinge Covers /
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    [Found!] 1968-9 Dart V8 Engine Bay Harnesses : Product Catalog
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    [Found!] Black Plastic Console Shifter Cover

    I made one outta a 1 gallon black plastic oil jug .
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    [WANTED] Hinge covers

    Vans auto maybe. They show 69, that has a space for the lock lever, but still may be okay. Bench Seat Hinge Covers 1967 - 1969 A-Body
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    [WANTED] 69 Dart seat hinge caps

    You searched for 69 Dart seat hinge cover - Vans Auto
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    [WANTED] Console shifter slide

    I use a strip of old 1 gal black oil jug.
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    [WANTED] A-body quarter window rollers

    Get the kit and replace them all. Everything else is jammed up or dragging cuz the factory grease went hard. The front roller carriages will be dragging hard on the guide, the rollers will be jammed, worn flat, or the carriages cracked. Take it all apart, and clean and lube everything. Then...