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  1. convx4

    weird Fender Tag space on 70 darts

    I would like a fake tag, meaning that I added options to my car that id did not have. Will this tag maker do that?
  2. convx4

    Part pick up and mail. Glendale/Phoenix, AZ To St louis, MO

    I don't know if it is boxed up but would guess it would be. Ad says he put a "carpet" different kit in. I real just want the scuff plate but can use the carpet also. Ad says Glendale, AZ- cross roads are Bell Road & 35th Ave
  3. convx4

    Part pick up and mail. Glendale/Phoenix, AZ To St louis, MO

    Looking for a fellow mopar enthusiast to help me acquire a part for my car. Posted a want ad on craigs list. I thought someone was going to help me out but it didn't happen. So I found this part carpet with the scuff pad for my car but the guy wont ship. If you want to help me I will pay you...
  4. convx4

    high impact colors with small engines

    This was my 1970 dart 20 years ago. Just found it on craigs list. It looks the same as the day I sold it. Go green slant six auto collum shift. Black top black bench seat.
  5. convx4

    Best damned Christmas present in a very, VERY long time !!!

    All I got for Christmas were a pair of socks and a piece ***, they were both too big.
  6. convx4

    how much to pay for 7 1/4 sure grip and where to find one

    I have a posi from a 65 B-cuda. I kinda want to hold on to it. Not Mine but saw his post earler cdummer43 on mopars has one for sale Loc: WI, USA A-body 7-1/4” complete posi rear end with shafts and 323 gears for slant six cars. (came out of a 76 Duster) $100 Pictures upon...
  7. convx4

    Insurance for weekend car

    I'm cheap, that being said. I also am willing to take some risks. The risks I am willing to take are while my cars are in storage on my property. So they are not insured. But when I do choose to drive one of my old cars I call(or get on line) and add it to my existing policy. They have three...
  8. convx4

    Chrysler assembly line workers!

    Maybe that cab was being rebuilt at the factory. Didn't they yous to do that back in the day?
  9. convx4

    Chrysler assembly line workers!

    If you like to read about this stuff check out I like St. Louis Assembly Plant Retired Employees Reunion. Workers from Chrysler's St. Louis Assembly Plant talk about their experiences. Stuff like this: Gary, being a...
  10. convx4

    Seller of Mopar survivors in Missouri

    Dont know who you are looking for. But I did make several trips to R&R in Aurora. It was cool to be in a 100 foot long pole barn that had every year and body style Hemi. There was one of two factory Hemi pick ups. A stack of air grabber hoods. I still dream of my time spent there. I even...
  11. convx4

    Gateway international raceway 4-sale

    I dont think it would be a end to monster mopar weekend. I quit going to the show about 5 years ago. The promoters that put it on are all about the profit. They will find a way to keep it going.
  12. convx4

    Are you missing the original dash from your 68 Cuda?

    Im intrested in the metal frame, not so much the vin tag. convx4atyahoodotcom
  13. convx4

    383 Bus engine--- what???

    I have seen a 440 in a ski lift.
  14. convx4

    Hmmm this looks suspicious

    After reading this thread, I recall a story that a co-worker told me. Back in the day he had just saw his first 1971 charger. He thought it was ugly. So he rushed over to the dealer to get a 1970 model. After doing the deal he headed over to his buddy house to show off his new charger. When...
  15. convx4

    Shifter length

    I posted this same question see the link.
  16. convx4

    A/C in the way cant remove my slant six valve cover

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a 70 dart with a slant six and factory A/C . I changed the K-member to the spool type motor mounts when I added disk brakes. I cant seem to be able to remove the valve cover because the A/C heater hoses...
  17. convx4

    legendary auto interiors ltd. problems?

    Any one have problems with legendary auto interiors ltd. in Newark NY?
  18. convx4

    What to do with A body parts?

    You dont see adds that say Got junk? Do you? If you dont want it and you can't give it a way, one man is allways willing to take it. Just don't overload the trash can cause he won't want it then, and no one will. Good riddens to bad rubish.