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  1. NukeSec1

    Harland Sharpe Rockers

    I built a CJ5 Jeep w/ a healthy 304 and used the HS rockers. Sold it to a freind 8 years ago. It's still running like a swiss watch!
  2. NukeSec1

    426 Coronet on the Mecum Auction

    Anybody here watch the Mecum auction (the poor mans B-J?) at Indy? My jaw hit the floor when they announced that the 426 Hemi/Auto Coronet went for $26K. What a deal! The side moulding was just a wee bit off where it met from the door and the rear quarters, but damn! $26K? Somebody got a steal!
  3. NukeSec1

    The Class of 2024

    And being a great Mopar Dad....your looking for the father / son project already?
  4. NukeSec1

    Home made sandblast cabinets..lets see them

    Just the quick and dirty of it, and something to think about other than Leanna's legs (which are VERY SEXY!). My brother and I built a cage out of PVC pipe and attached cheap tarps (that you can get at Dollar General, CHEAP) on all sides and the bottom for a make shift outside blast cabinet...
  5. NukeSec1

    360 build options?

    I'll let my 15 year old respond to this one.......... "Uhhhmmm......The Duster was good enough for Sox and Martin wasn't it? Cheap? Ugly? Not worth a ****? REALLY? I'd bet you haven't got enough sack between your legs to come get some of my Dart!" From the mouth of babes.
  6. NukeSec1

    360 build options?

    ...15 year old is exactly like that old story about the young bull and the old bull standing ontop of the hill with a herd of ready females down below....."Why run down there and **** a few son, when we can walk down there and ****'em all? He's almost there, he just ain't seeing the big picture yet!
  7. NukeSec1

    What's more bad *** than a Mopar?

    Dennis Hopper on a rigid frame pan head with drag bars! I just watched Easy Rider. I'm pumped up! Captain America is cool, but there is nothing cooler than that bike that Dennis Hopper rode in the movie. Old school, skinny tired chopper. Cool! WAY COOL!
  8. NukeSec1

    360 build options?

    Mid to late 70's low compression engine (probably out of a truck). Upon tear down it appears that it hadn't seen a hard life at all. Very little ridge on the cylinder wall. 7th or 8th rod bearing (which ever is last on the crank) was just getting into copper on the bearing, the others looked...
  9. NukeSec1

    Before and after pics.

    I remember when you first posted about this after you got it. Looks like you did a pretty good job. I see you opted not to go with the roll bar? Dude, C'Mon! Nothing says 70's Baja Truck like a roll bar with about 4 Hella's on it!
  10. NukeSec1

    How do you do a burnout in an automatic?

    I just got wood thinking about this. :grin:
  11. NukeSec1

    Non-Technical oil pan question

    Is there a specific oil pan that I need to purchase / be on the lookout for, for a 360 that will be going in a '73 Duster?
  12. NukeSec1

    Project Deeds

    The green cars rot had rot! It was "rescued" from a wooded area where it had sat (and sank) for the past 20 years. They had to cut trees down just to get it out! Plus it took four mules and a little boy to pull it out of the ground.
  13. NukeSec1

    Project Deeds

    Alot went on over the winter. Unfortunately it wasn't on Project Deeds! But lady luck has smiled on us and I was able to work out a deal with a co-worker of mine who co-owns New Covenant Performance ( (Check them out! (That was my cheap, shameless plug for their shop.)...
  14. NukeSec1

    NEW NASCAR Points System?

    Are you listening Mr. France? Several things tork me off about the sport, one of the biggest was when they started taking races away from the "boring" tracks and gave them to tracks owned by Frances sister!
  15. NukeSec1

    NEW NASCAR Points System?

    I've watched NASCAR for a very long time. Been to my favorite track (Bristol, TN) several times. Watched the first televised race on CBS and saw the Allison / Yarborough brawl while sitting on a green vinyl couch next to my dad. Met alot of NASCAR drivers over the years. I cried when Dale Sr...
  16. NukeSec1

    My Ram needs new shocks, help?

    I'm keeping the Dodge Ram. I just can't swing a bigger payment right now. My company cut our annual performance bonus in half, lowered what they were matching on 401(k) from 5% to 3%, and anything over 40 hours I don't get paid for. I just wish the Ram got better gas mileage as I drive 120 miles...
  17. NukeSec1

    My Ram needs new shocks, help?

    Sweet! I'll do a little homework / bargain shopping. I have 3 major expenses and one major decision going on with the truck right now. #1) It needs tires (BAD!). It has had the stock Goodyear AT/S 275/70/R17's since I bought it. I am favoring a Michelin in the same size because they make a...
  18. NukeSec1

    My Ram needs new shocks, help?

    My '04 Ram 4X4 Off Road needs new shocks. I don't carry heavy loads in the bed and about the heaviest thing I would pull is the car trailer with my Oldsmobile or my son's Duster on it. Any recommendations?
  19. NukeSec1

    Looking for advice on, uh, Hmmmm. Uh.

    Thank you all for the links and comments. That information will be put to good use. And my lawnmower may just low my mawn in record time!
  20. NukeSec1

    Silver paint with red interior

    Good combo!
  21. NukeSec1

    Looking for advice on, uh, Hmmmm. Uh.

    If you know who Popcorn Sutton was and the art in which he dabbled, PM me. I need some direction on building a, uh....well you know. One of those.
  22. NukeSec1

    Champaign/Urbana, Illinois area members.....

    Let us see pics of your handy work. I'm not handing my Baby over to just anyone!
  23. NukeSec1

    Champaign/Urbana, Illinois area members.....

    I know there are a few on here. Can anyone in the Champaign/Urbana, Illinois area recommend a good body man? I got a serious rust problem developing on my 32K original mile '73 Cutlass Supreme. Any recommendations?
  24. NukeSec1

    Lost one

    Not "A Body" related, but a good (heart breaking) story anyway. Back in 1989 I had a buddy call me on a Sunday morning to tell me about a car for sale that he had just by chance caught while listening to the local radio station flea market on Saturday afternoon and thought I would be interested...
  25. NukeSec1

    who has pic of a 73 duster with v21 hood treatment?

    I'd like to see it myself.
  26. NukeSec1

    Shae's '68 NB Fish

    Wow! I wish all my projects started out in the shape this one is in! Perhaps some one here can help you out with that crimped up piece of trunk trim that has a notch jabbed in it?
  27. NukeSec1

    A must see...anyone for a ride?

    ...Then moved on to the ZX series.......9R, 10, 10R, 11, and 14 (that 14 was the baddest a$$ bike I've ever been on!). I did all that stupid sh*t you see in that video. I lost a dear friend and co-worker this year who rode a 'busa. I've since sold my ZX14, but I still have my KZ1000P. Sadly, I...
  28. NukeSec1

    Wish us luck...BATF interview for FFL

    I live about 10 minutes from Urbana. Let me know where your setting up business. And I would assume that A Body members get the preferred buyer discount? LOL!
  29. NukeSec1

    And y'all think you have problems finding parts?

    As an AMC fan. I can feel ya' on that one!
  30. NukeSec1

    And y'all think you have problems finding parts?

    55RedNEck.....That Olds 442 looks very nice! Wish I had it! You guys are about to be made sick.......My second car (in 1987 (and I was 17) was a low miles factory '75 Chevelle Laguna S3 454/ 4spd, and triple black. I did some mods to it....Carb, intake, cam, headers. I had thee baddest ride in...