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    65 driveshaft possible upgrade

    The ball and trunion will be fine at your power level. Doug
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    904 pushbutton conversion

    Imperial Services hasn't been around in awhile. If you want to run a push button shifter, you need a push button trans. As mentioned 1965 is the only year with a standard style slip yoke. But you need to use the manual valve, rooster comb and neutral switch from a 62-64 push button car. Or a...
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    275/60/15 sidewall clearance to leaf spring clamps- suggestions?

    I've run 3/8" spacers on my racecar. Been 1.24 60ft. Good studs properly torqued is no issue. The stud doesn't drive the wheel. Clamp load between the rotor/drum and the wheel takes the load. Doug
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    How much weight gain from adding a Dana and roll cage.

    A lot of the weight in aDana is the carrier. a spool makes them much lighter. The truck Dana in my caris 45" wide. With Ladder bar shock, and wheelie bar mounts it was 165lbs. chrome moly weighs no less than dom or elw. It's what thickness you can use. The thickest tubing required in a CM cage...
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    Front tire help 70 Duster

    5/8" was the magic number. Fits perfect. Frot and rear lip clearance with the wheels turned. As far as bind goes. Never been an issue. My 64 Belvedere drag car has the stock rods shortened for increased caster. Only used the factory ends cut down. Then used moly tube for the entire body of the...
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    Front tire help 70 Duster

    Shortening the shaft adds positive caster. The only reason they would be too short is front wheel lip clearance. I understand geometry. This question was posted because the only issue that appearedthat would cause the problem were that the strut rods were too long. I mistakenly assumed that all...
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    Front tire help 70 Duster

    They only hit in the rear, barely. They actually 215/65×15 we had aprox 3/4" gap at the rear, 2 1/2" gap at the front. Can move the front a rad. We'll see how it looks when it's back together this weekend. Doug
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    Front tire help 70 Duster

    Shifts are cut down 5/8". If they're to short I'll shim them at the front. Doug
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    Front tire help 70 Duster

    Thanks for the response. This exactly the issue. I'll cut these up and shorten them with chrome moly tubing. By my estimatoon it'll take about 3/8"- 1/2" shorter. Doug
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    I hate the direction racing is heading

    John your correct double entry can be workout. I'm going to hit one of theses big dollar footbrake races sooner or later. But it's got to be a little closer. Doug
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    Racing the stripe if you have the lead

    here's another good example with two racers that are among the best in the business. Last week's NHRA Gatornationals final rd. Pete was to leave .023 early on handicap. But in essence he only left .010 easly by being behind at the tree. garantee he new it. He dumped at the stripe by 5 mph. That...
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    528 Wedge on assembly bench. Season is approaching

    I could only dream of 2825lbs. I'm all exciteed to get to 3300. Doug
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    Does a drag race only car need exhaust boxes?

    How do you get a Duster to 3850 raceweight? 3 200lb people in the car? Doug
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    Racing the stripe if you have the lead

    Even a consistent car isn't "dead on" everytime. We're talking .01+/- . A lot of what happens depends on how close your opponent is. If both cars are very close with both drivers having good lights, what do you do then? In my experience if you're set fast the guy with the better light will lose...
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    Buying a used lift worth the savings?

    Both my son and I bought used lifts from the same business. $1500 for the pair. Took them down ourselves. Transported them on an open trailer. Reassembled. Wasn't hard. Both have been in service for us now 15 years. Neither has needed any repair. Doug
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    Avoided towing disaster.

    A strap in good condition won't break. A strap that is old and sits in weather? Not so much. Doug
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    Battery discussion

    It all depends on what you are trying to start. A relatively low compression engine with mild valve springs and a big alternator? Street drive? Anything will start it. Add high compression, stiff springs, big fans, big fuel pump, small alternator, heat soak with quick turn around at the track...
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    Battery discussion

    580", 15-1. Used to run two 875 CCA Optimas. Now one 16 volt 675 CCA XS. The single 16 volt is WAY better. Should've done it first. Doug
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    Extent Or Your Cars Weight Reduction

    My 64 Belvedere is a pure racecar. So no heater, wiper, exhaust. Except the back seat everything else is there.Full interior, all steel except hood. It has factory bumpers, Mega block, Dana. 3050lbs without me. You just have to get creative. Doug
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    Sorry so long to get back about this. The 4 clutch snap ring groove is .115" wide. As seen in the pics the depth is the same as the grooves for the steels. The bottom of the groove is 1.275" from the bottom surface shown. Doug
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    You can buy a drum for less than $150. I'll measure one up tommorow. Doug
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    Only 460hp

    Was this done on a engine or chassis dyno? Doug
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    Is it a factory wide bushing drum or narrow bushing? If its a factory 1971 it will be a wide bushing. I have a few narrow bushing 4 plate drums if someone swapped out the parts to 1970 or earlier. A machine shop can cut a second snap ring groove in a 3 plate drum for 4 clutches. I can give you...
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    The factory is pretty sloppy on their clutch clearance. But there min of .035" is within my .012"-.015" per friction recomendation. 3 x .012"= .036". Same with the rear clutch at .025" Doug
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    Depends on what your preference is in harshness. If its a racer go more agressive. Doug
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    Rear clutch is engaged in forward gears only. So it can only drag at low speed in reverse. I shoot for .025". The front clutch likes .012"-.015" clearance per friction. I'd swap in a 4 clutch front drum. If it's the early small pin KD servo use the inner and outer springs. Raybestos or Borg...
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    Holy crap!

    3.40" stroke would be a .030" over 400 4.375" bore. I helped Scott K in the 80's when they ran a similar combo in Comp Eliminator. As I remember back then they made 850-875? They ran B/D Doug
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    Holy crap!

    I would bet 4.390 bore/3.38 stroke. That would be a .050" over 400 block. I amazed no vacuum pump at that RPM. Especially with a factory block. It will be interesting to see how quick it is in the car. Doug
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    Higher Gears for Turbo Cars

    We ran 10.70's with a 2.76 with a blow thru 360 non intercooled. It slipped the converter pretty good. Went to a 3.23 and some tuning and went 9.90's. Doug
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    360 and a blower

    Its had both Carter Comp 750s and Eddy 1407's. The carters ran one step up from stock. The Eddys were pn it last time at the track it was up to 116 square . Doug