BMOBE's Dart Cave

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    1969 Dodge Dart GTS Clone
    383 HP

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  1. Rover125
    Very nice !:thumbsup:
    the blue is very similar as my 67 Barracuda
    I like
  3. Richie
    OOO I like that! :thumbsup:
  4. BMOBE69
    Gotta love Mopar wiring...this weekends project removing the hacked front engine harness and replace...did not realize the locking clips broke on me...had two instances car died. No key, lights etc...but of course had to slightly modify new harness to work with FBO module and it came with no horn so had to add back in...
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    1. ACME SS
      Sounds like a great fix. On my car I found that it was nearly impossible to add any accessories to the fuse block...if that is what you want to call what they installed at the factory. I ended up pulling all the circuits out of the OEM block and ran them into one of two new fuse blocks that I installed. One is Battery power always and the other is for key on power. I installed relays for a few things to keep from overloading circuits like electric fan etc.
      ACME SS, Jul 3, 2022
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  5. triumphman
    Looks great!
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  6. A56
    Sweet looking beast :usflag:
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  7. Rob R
    Very Nice :thumbsup: my fav year...
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  8. ACME SS
    That is a sweet car!
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    1. BMOBE69
      Thanks! Still needing some minor things and one quarter has some bubbling....will have to look at that in the future...
      BMOBE69, Jun 13, 2022
  9. SpikeWills69
    Very nice indeed.
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    1. 70dart340
      Badazz, Brother!
      70dart340, Aug 5, 2022
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