P3690982 Weiand Six Pack Tunnel Ram

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  • Mopar part number P3690982 (discontinued). Originally designed by Mopar / Weiand and purpose built for Super Stock racing.

    Intended for this car:

    Cool picture found on Facebook, mild build with ported 452 heads, stock carbs and a 509 cam:

    More info here: Weiand 6 Pack Manifold Comments

    I bought one off E-bay that had never been used and sent it to F&B Performance for modifications to convert it to port EFI:
    bull nosed and enlarged top.jpg
    bullnosed port entrance.jpg intake port match plus inclusions.jpg
    smoothed runners wieand.jpg
    billet top.jpg
    throttle cable bracket.jpg
    weiand angle shot1.jpg
    weiand front 1.jpg
    weiand linkage top 1.jpg
    weiand right side 1.jpg
    weiand top 1.jpg
    weiand with air cleaner.jpg


    Here is a comparison of this intake to a Edelbrock RPM so you can see the difference in runner length and volume.

    A few pictures of the heads... "mildly" ported Edelbrock RPM heads, 75cc chambers.

    Here are some pictures from a guy in Canada named Don Dulmage who prototyped a 2x4 top in wood then had it cast in Aluminum. DOn DulmaGE
    man2.jpg 2x4.jpg man1.jpg

    Back from powder coating:

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  1. synergyperf
    btw, what's the brass insert in the center of the lower part of the plenum for? [​IMG]
      Biomedtechguy likes this.
    1. mosleyme
      vacuum fitting
      mosleyme, Jan 3, 2020
      Biomedtechguy likes this.
  2. synergyperf
    I love this! I have the 4500 flange lid on one of these manifolds. I'm thinking of doing an EFI conversion for my project as well. Have you gotten any driving time or numbers on this setup yet?
    1. mosleyme
      nope, project stalled the last few years due to family issues
      mosleyme, Jan 3, 2020
  3. Derrick Kidwell
    Whoaa!Dude gnarly!
      Biomedtechguy and mosleyme like this.
  4. stixx
    What heads are those? The (ported) exhaust ports are huge!
    Very nice craftmanship!
    1. mosleyme
      Ported Edelbrock RPM heads, I added a few pictures at the end.
      mosleyme, Mar 20, 2019
      stixx likes this.
  5. Garrett Ellison
    Wow, does that idle on all six barrels? That is the six pack setup of dreams! Based on the EFI converted T-rams I have seen, would I be correct in thinking it have a very broad rpm band with the short runners and smallish plenum with the injectors located at the port window? Getting the fuel out of the air column until it gets to the port makes them act like a whole different animal...
      Biomedtechguy likes this.
    1. mosleyme
      We will find out... I plan to fire it this summer. The air for the idle is based on the stop adjustment for the center throttle body and the IAC which you see on the front throttle body. It is progressive, the center opens almost half way then the outers start to open.
      mosleyme, Mar 17, 2019
    2. mosleyme
      All the fuel is controlled via map in the EFI controller. The runners are actually longer than a traditional tunnel ram and the length was "tuned" by Chryslers engineers based on stroke and piston speed of the 440. I assume it will be quite broad and the EFI will make it more so. The factory six packs were rated at 1350 cfm; the top plate was opened up quite a bit, this throttle set up is rated at 1900 cfm. One giant six bladed throttle valve.
      mosleyme, Mar 17, 2019
      Garrett Ellison likes this.
    3. mosleyme
      I'm going to add a picture at the end comparing this intake to a Edelbrock RPM so you can see the difference in runner length and volume.
      mosleyme, Mar 17, 2019
  6. A408Cuda
      mosleyme likes this.
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