Still progressing just not as fast as I would like

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  • I am plugging away as time permits covid and work slowed things down but still trying to move ahead

    Here are few updated pictures - added couple more as c ompleted

    Do do list:

    finish speed control - factory unit
    Finish AC lines - completed
    Rocker panel molding - completed - see pictures
    Door windows - need channel seal aftermarket ones make window hard to roll up had in and out several times and still not liking operation

    Stay safe and warm barracuda3.JPG barracuda5.JPG
  • Vehicle:
    1967 barracuda lot of 1968 parts fenders rear quarters
    upper control arms lower boxed in. dash from Chrysler 300

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  1. triumphman
    Looks great. Everything takes longer than you would think.
    Stay after it.
  2. Rob R
    Gotta like that...
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