[WANTED] 1963 1964 dodge dart headlight trim rings

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Looking for a pair of nice 1963 1964 dodge dart headlight trim rings. If you just have one, I would also be interested.
Barracudajohn, I think I may have a single ring in my shop. When I'm free today I'll swing out and send a couple pics.
I don't have a photo, the ones were missing when I acquired the car. These are the aluminum trim rings that surround the headlight, not the stainless steel rings that hold the headlight in.
This is the one. It's in vary good shape with only a small issue at the bottom of the ring.



Looks like that issue at the bottom of the bezel is designed for interference gap from bumper so it's better than I thought. Not looking the take advantage. Make a fair market offer and we can start there. Shipping from Canada will be added onto the agreed price.
I don't know how to PM you, not sure if I am able to do that. I can send you a postal money order for it and we can agree on a shipping cost. I was thinking 20.00 for shipping, but I will let you decide.
These are 63-64 Dart headlight bezels. I am searching for a nice pair also. Good luck!


Other companies claim that they are going to offer them reproduction, but so far, nobody shows as having them available. I would gladly buy a set of reproduction ones if I could find them.
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