1964 Valiant Tallest Front 15" Tire

235 60 15s are too big. I'd rum 15 x 6 on the front, but have run 15 x 7 Rallyes also. I think 215 65 15 is the largest I have run on the front.
I'm trying to figure out how to run the same size all the way around....and 235 60 15 is as small as I'm willing to go on the rear. I guess I can just run the same height.
I know what you mean, I go through this exercise every time I buy tires. I the end I buy 4 tires the same size. I typically run low profile handling tires.
Not sure why you are trying to dog that little /6 motor, but adding all this rubber is going to do it. Plus trying to steer a 235 with manual steering ? Get out your Popeye arms.

My suggestion ? Let that slant run with a 205 or 215 tire.
I run 215 70 14 tires on Mopar 14" x 5.5" steelies.
Much lighter than the other tires mentioned with 15" wheels.
Your slant motor in Vixen will be thanking you.

.02 Drive through buddy. :)