1965 MMP's Barracuda Hemi swap! The Ever Changing Build



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Jun 13, 2016
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Yorba Linda California

Hello, So I was able to pickup this 65 Barracuda. I plan on doing a track-able street car inspired by the European Group 1 touring cars of the late 60's and early 70's . This is my intent, But like most of my builds and idea's I tend to be completely all over the map. I want a "retro" or meld of what I see in my head with new with old, and not quite what the norm on a budget "build".

Here's kinda how I have come to this point..
When I was younger I had a 69 barracuda while in the Marines and it was geared more for street n strip work. Sadly it was stolen a few years after this picture. :-(

After this I found the joy of track racing. I love watching and I love the history of the cars.
I found myself enjoying the older iron, and got heavy into the DTM of the 80-90's fell in love with the Merc's and bmw of the time, as wells as the Aussy V8's. I've built many BMW e30's for track and opened a shop building strokers and turbo builds for the bmw. But as always with a good things it passes with time. I found myself fighting the state on emissions and found myself cheating the system to enjoy my hobby/ passion. Finally the last shoes dropped when California adopted the Star smog program. Within Months of 2016 I had sold all of my BMW's and stopped building Merc' and bimmer motors then dropped out of the scene. I and found self seeking out and buying smog exempt cars and truck. Until i came upon and bought my 74 D200 with a 360 and built the motor to pull stumps and it has now become the "ShopTruck"


Next I needed was a car to build into a screamer. Thankfully I was able to find the 65 barracuda. It started life as normal Socal car with 225 1bbl center console auto, and * hi option "variable speed wiper motor" lol
but along the way some one removed the 225 and replaced it with 78-82 318 small port, then added a 82 360 4bbl manifold and what looks to be a edelbrock square bore 500cfm? carb, and 1.5" exhaust out the back. Needless to say its pretty gutless. The Silver lining is some one swapped in a 8.25" suregrip rearend. and I have all the trim work...

Now that I have the car i did some interweb searching on vintage road race barracuda's and I found more than I was expecting :) and I plan on building the car to look as though it was built for this purpose Key word "look"
Under the skin I will have a sorted 99 Magnum fuely w/ SC setup. Evan from Magnum Mopar is rebuilding my Harness now and I have contacted FlyinRyan and he will be Mapping/ tuning the ECU.
At the moment the 904 will have to stand in till I can source a A518 tans ( I don't want to go fast on the street, I want to fly on the frwy)
I also plan on tri 4 link rear, Still undecided on the front suspension.
As for the cockpit, sadly look like a total loss missing more than most. So I will be doing a minimal track interior able to seat 4... I have kids...
Dash will be rebuild hopefully using stock gauges cause i love that look in a race car!
I have ordered both under dash and engine harnesses for the car. Yearone / M&H not holding my breath....hahahah :BangHead:
And lastly I plan on building the full exhaust myself. Headers, flow, mids and dumps. Thankfully I have been working in the after market exhaust industry sense leaving the Marine and I have picked up skills in this area. lol

The updates may start out slow, due to just moving into a house we just finished rebuilding, and my garage is partly a construction zone, but should be sorted out with in a week. finger crossed...
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This is the 5.9 Magnum replacing the wornout 318.

As you can see from the pictures my garage is a bit cluttered at the moment...ugh
Welcome,Magnums are fun engine swaps.(FlyinRyan,seems to be the man,with stock ECM's.
Thanks guys

Ok, update got the car in good enough shape to "drive" her home... purrrrr'd like a angry cat! Ride was like a T-boned Cadillac, and the brakes I haven't found yet.... but she's home...

Another bit of good news is that the throttle body off the magnum is almost a perfect match for the whipple charger mount! :-D
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Thanks guys

Ok, update got the car in good enough shape to "drive" her home... purrrrr'd like a angry cat! Ride was like a T-boned Cadillac, and the brakes I haven't found yet.... but she's home...
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Another bit of good news is that the throttle body off the magnum is is almosy a perfect match for the whipple charger mount! :-D
Whipple Charger? Woo hoo!
Ok during, between, and after construction of my house I was able to pull apart the 5.9 abit
to mock up and play with the whipple charger and check my belt alignment. Now just have to take my idea of a intake manifold and make it work.
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Surprisingly the ribbed fins in the whipple charger almost match the look of the stock valve covers. Even more surprisingly is that I like it....

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Wow ok so had a surprising update,
Got a call from Jay and Evan at Magnum Mopar they are almost finished with my efi harness rebuild. soo stoked, then I got the belt run mocked up looks like if i can make this manifold idea work we will be off to the races.... :-D
Then I got while watching tv in bed I got an email.... Yearone just shipped out my harness order! HOLEESHIT! Yes both underdash and motor/frontend harness have shipped my way! FTW...

But i did have one small black mark on my day. Out playing with my car and I seemed to have broke my starter.. oh well I need to buy a new one anyway. I need to get a mini starter to do the magnum swap but I'm not sure which one?

So my question to you is what the best mini starter for the money and for a magnum swap?
Stock magnum V6 or V8 engine denso starter. These are all over the junkyards . I bought a remanned one off evilbay $39 shipped , no core return.
That is awesome. Wishing you much success with your project.
Awesome I'll look into one of those today.

Sudo' belt mock up from last night..
Going to rewire pretty much the whole car thinking I'll relocate the battery
but I'm a bit worried the PS pump will not work in this location?
I would love to bring it in closer to the block.... umm

Also just thinking of ditching the power steering altogether..
Btw if you didnt know, the magnum mini starter also fits LA blocks, big blocks, and slantys. Mating flange is the same as the old mopar big monster starters. I have my mini denso attached to a 1974 318 as a wiring mockup, but will be using it with the 360 i plan on building.
Cool thanks, yea i picked up a denso mini starter this morning should be here Monday. It will be doing double duty. I'll be running it on the tired 318 till the 5.9 magnum is ready for swap, then it will live out the rest of it's life on the swap.
Got the new dizzy, crank trigger, and 97 ram ecu in the mail today. Parts are slowly coming together. Should be working on the "Secret" manifold a bit today. Hopefully should have an update on that soon. We'll see :rolleyes:
So I'm sitting here at work and i get a text from my mother in law say this guy stopped by wanting to talk to me. And that he'll be back later.
Any body know who this car belongs too...

looks to be a 66 Formula S Green with Gold
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HolyCrap! There is a Mopar Gawd, look what i got in the mail today :icon_fU:
Yep thats right, both under dash and the motor headlight harnesses from YearOne!
I'm soo excited....

Also had some time this weekend to work on "other" projects for this build.. top secret ones...:eek:

And I was able to swap out my bad starter for a nice used mini stater I picked up on the cheap.. Boy that thing spins the **** out of that worn out 318...
(_______) <- insert sinister giggle here.
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You don't need the power steering! It'll be great without it.

Yea I've been driving the barracuda with no power steering belt and have come to the same conclusion. I would like to locate a good used non-power steering box and linkage. Anybody interested in a power steering unit from the 65? I have a full stock setup....
No real update today cause of the garage build, except the car tried to killed me today.
Figured i would drive it into work this morning. At the bottom of my street "bottom of the hill" my drivers side front drum cylinder gave up the ghost and left me without brakes and barreling through a solid red light. Almost T-boned a pickup. Thankfully i was able to pull it to the side of the road and ride the curb to slow me down.
Thankfully no damage to the car or anyone else. Almost **** myself....
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