1970 340 stripes

I got my 71 stripe kit from Dantes, at the time they didnt include the 340 decal? So i got those from Phoenix Graphix. Took 4 hours and 2 of us to install them including the 340 Wedge hood decal.
The last stripe kit I got was from Phoenix Graphix. It was the tail stripe for a 70 Dart Swinger and it was spot on. I have used them for other stuff that were not Mopar and the price and quality were very good. Dantes has nice stuff too. Just haven't used their strips lately.
Another vote for Phoenix Graphix:thumbsup::thumbsup:
maybe i got a bad set from phoenix & i am not happy.
1st off the hole for the trunk lock isn't cut out.
all the stripes are on the same sheet & need to be cut out
and the clear cover sheet was so hard to remove it pulled the stripes off as we tried to remove it even as we kept the squeegee right at the decal and it pulled so hard the stripes stretched and distorted as we removed the clear cover sheet
In my humble opinion, buying anything other than Phoenix Graphics is a mistake. Their stuff is SOOO much better than anything else you will find anywhere else.
Did you receive a call back from Chris regarding your issue?
I didn't get the name of the guy I left the message with but he told me Chris was @ lunch & would be back in 45 min.
This was on Friday before the long week end but I was hoping he today
I understand from Chris that he has spoken to you. Please advise me if you need additional help.
That's wright
I called him yesterday to ask if the trunk lock is normally already cutout in the decal & to get his opinion on why the clear cover sheet was so hard to remove from the stripes sence the smaller more fragile duster logos worked so well.
I think the stripe kit may have been to old & ask if the box had any kind of date code.
I got the kit from classic industries & was told to work it out with classic & classic will deal with phoenix but the gal I talked to @ classic is just going through the paces & not much help
I am sorry you are having difficulty. Since Classic Industries is the purchaser of our product you will have to go through them before we can provide you with any help.