2018 Super Bowl Contest!!!!!! Place your guess to win

Discussion in 'Performance Suspension Technology' started by PST, Jan 30, 2018.

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    So I chose the 1.03” torsion bars as the prize since I just rebuilt my entire front suspension a couple years ago using all PST poly parts. Top notch parts and these bars are no exception. Nice black powder coat.
    Out with the old, in with the new. Luckily the old bars slid out without much of a fight since I had them out couple years ago. Everything is back together and I’m just waiting for Spring to get the car to the alignment shop.

    Now, since PST was so generous as to do this giveaway, I’ve decided to pay it forward. If you honestly need a set of torsion bars, I will box up my old bars and send them to you; just pay the shipping. They are 340 bars and measure .87 with the numbers 892/893 on the ends. Under 2 conditions: 1-you can’t sell them for profit and 2-you have to give away something that you have and don’t really need to another FABO member. We could even start a new thread for it.
    Thanks again PST.


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      Thanks again James for doing this!
      Congrats SS! A nice gesture on your part paying it forward. I would take you up on it, but the 69 won't see the road for a few years.