5.7 Hemi Car Intake

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Apr 19, 2010
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Up for sale is a full intake manifold setup off of an 06 Charger 5.7 hemi. The manifold comes complete with throttle body, injectors, and fuel rails. It came with my engine when I bought it, but I'm going the carb route for now to get the engine in the car, so I won't be needing this. Would like to get $200 + shipping from 66049 for the whole setup. I will consider driving to meet someone as well if they aren't too far away, just ask and I'll see how far I'll drive. Pictures to come later today.
Here are the promised pictures


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I should note that this came off an engine that dropped an intake valve seat. When I first picked it up to take pictures it had a bit of a rattle to it. I shook the crap out of the thing and got some seat chunks to fall out. It could use a good cleaning too, like a hot soap bath on the inside to really clean it out. I didn't hear any more rattles after I shook it out real good, but the inside is still a little sticky from the intake valve hanging open and all the gas making its way back into the runners.
How about $175 plus shipping? Also, I'm going to keep the MAP sensor for my new intake, so that won't come with the intake.
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