70 Dart 340 Clone

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    Apr 15, 2009
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    Little bit at a time as $ allows. Will mount fuel pump at tank tomorrow also have a regulator and pressure gauge to install. It's actually a 360 magnum not a 340.

    Bone stock bottom with hi-vol oil pump. Clevite bearings,
    competetion multi angle valve job, all new valves, guides, seals
    Hughes valve springs, keepers, retainers, springs rated up to .550 lift
    500 lift cam at 286 degrees and a 112 CL,
    bone stock TQ off of a 77 400,(850 cfm) currently gathering an assortment of jets and metering rods
    MSD6AL with a 6000 rpmchip,
    MSD Blaster 2 coil
    MP dizzy set up all avance in by 2500 and 34 degrees total.
    Crosswind knockoff air gap intake manifold with an adapter plate
    3000 stall converter, TCI street fighter
    3.91 suregrip, 742 case.
    904 torquflite with Cheetah reverse manual valve body
    B and M Megashifter
    Chrome tranny pan with extra 2 quart capacity
    Accel plug wires
    Not sure what brand or part number on the spark plugs yet, actually I would like to ask for some advice on this one
    110 GPH fuel pump with regulator and pressure gauge
    All fluid lines including tranny will be stainless braided
    As big as I could fit in there radiator, 27.5 x 20 inches

    I saw some dyno tests where the magnum manifolds flowed almost as well as the early 340 manifolds .. Drivers side is a 68 340 manifold, passenger is a 92 360 RT large outlet Dakota manifold (2 1/4 outlet). All in all I'm hoping for around 300 rear wheel horsepower which I hoping will put me somewhere in the mid 13's???????

    My plan is to have the exterior of the car cloned the same as a 70 Dart 340 without the 340 callouts on the hood scoops.

    Still have the front brakes and rotors to do, trans cooler to mount, sidepipes to mount, and the wiring plus a lot of incidental stuff. Yes. I have a mechanical and an electric fan for now. I will carry the flexalite fan and a few hand tools in the trunk so if the electric fan fails, in a few minutes I can quickly install the mechanical fan and go on my way. I am also going to run a large tranny cooler cause I don't have a cooler in the rad and I will be running a converter that should be a little loose and stall around 3000.

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  2. jrlegacy23

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    Jun 27, 2006
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    Nice Dart. I am building a 72. ALso with a 340 and a 2800-3200 stall convertor. I will be following this build. Good luck.
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